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Romualdez: Due legislative processes followed in crafting Maharlika fund law

SPEAKER Ferdinand Martin Romualdez said they followed due legislative processes in crafting the Maharlika Investment Fund Act.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Romualdez expressed respect for the Supreme Court's directive for the Executive branch and Congress to respond to the petition against the law and said the House will submit its comment on the petition within the 10-day period.


“We have followed due legislative processes in crafting and enacting this law, keeping in mind the best interests of the Filipino people,” Romualdez said.

He also said, “It is important for the public to know that our intent was always to ensure transparency, accountability, and financial prudence in the management of public funds. We will thoroughly review the petition's claims to ensure the Fund's integrity and our adherence to the Constitution.”

“Our nation's prosperity and welfare are at the forefront of our legislative agenda, and we remain open to any constructive dialogue that would further our shared goal of uplifting the lives of Filipinos”, he said.

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