Ruffa Gutierrez shares daughter Lorin’s graduation victory with fellow single moms

Ruffa Gutierrez shares daughter Lorin's graduation victory with fellow single moms

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Ruffa Gutierrez showed her appreciation to daughter Lorin Gutierrez after she graduated from high school.

In her Instagram account, Ruffa posted a photo of her and Lorin saying she’s proud of her daughter.

“Congratulations to my first graduate, @loringabriella,” she wrote.

“I will save the hugs, kisses and mushy messages for us in private. Always know that @venicebektas , the family & I are proud of you. We will hold your hand as you move forward to the next chapter in life. Soar high! Follow your dreams but never forget…God first. WE LOVE YOU!!” she added.

In another post, Ruffa gave salute toall the hard-working single mothers.

“As I make my way to @itsshowtimena for ‘Reina Ng Tahanan’ and reminisce the intimate celebrations we had for @loringabriella ‘s graduation I can’t help but get teary eyed,” she said.

“Today I want to salute all the hard-working single mothers who have raised their children with courage and strength on their own. The road is never easy but we persevere. Keep the faith that God will reward our struggles with blessings we can’t even begin to imagine. Congratulations again to my graduate Lorini Pie! You’re next Baby girl, @venicebektas,” she added.

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