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Metal dx is patented with Glicoamine, a molecule small enough to seep through the hair fibers to detoxify the hair and neutralize metals. / Photograph courtesy of l’oréal

Hair coloring is one of the most common practices in aesthetics and beauty enhancement, especially for Filipinos who are naturally born with dark locks and would sometimes opt for a different hair color for a change.

Unfortunately, this practice is also the main reason for hair breakage especially when done incorrectly or using the wrong products.

L’Oréal is among the most trusted hair coloring brands because of its extensive line of hues and its continuous innovation of hair colorants.

Heeding the call for a more efficient and less invasive hair-coloring product, L’Oreal has come up with a revolutionary product, the Metal DX.

The French beauty brand partnered with Ioannina University to identify an active agent that can be used to treat hair accordingly.

Metal DX is patented with Glicoamine, a molecule small enough to seep through the hair fibers to detoxify the hair and neutralize metals acquired from hair coloring and from the water used for washing.

It guarantees 87 percent less breakage and 100 percent reliable results, compatible with any colorant or lightener.

It made Charlotte Catherin’s balayage creation purer. / Photograph courtesy of ig/charlotte_catherin

L’Oréal had Metal DX tested by professional hairdressers Charlotte Catherin, Sebastian Langman and Washington Nunnes who all have expertise in color, balayage and lightening.

According to Catherin, Metal DX made her balayage creation purer.

“It holds better on most fragile reflects such as copper and strawberry blonde. Shades felt cooler and most of all shininess was extreme,” she said.

Meanwhile, the new products made Nunnes’ work easier.

“As a professional, I was surprised by the product profitability. Using a small amount, it was possible to have a result with extreme protection even working with a high level of lightening,” he said.

Nunnes’ answer is similar to Langman’s observation. He said he already saw a big difference upon first application.

“The tonal clarity was drastically improved, as well as the overall condition of the hair,” he added.

Metal DX paves the way for other brands and hair professionals to use products that will not compromise the health of the hair in the short or long term.

Visit L’Oréal’s official social media accounts — @lorealprofessionnel and @LOrealParisPhilippines on Facebook; @lorealpro and @lorealparis on Instagram — and its official website for updates.

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