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Safety first for TOFA


In light of recent restrictions, founder of The Outstanding Filipinos in America (TOFA) Awards has announced that the 11th edition won’t be able to accommodate all of its nominees as it returns to Carnegie Hall in New York on 7 October.

Founder and executive producer Elton Lugay has expressed his sincerest apologies for the sudden news via a Facebook post.

“Due to the limited time Carnegie has imposed on our October 7 program, we won’t be able to accommodate more than 20 honorees this year. For the first time in TOFA history, not all awardees will be able to give their acceptance speeches,” Lugay wrote.

The usual three-hour program will be reduced to an hour and a half.

“We have decided to appoint batch speakers for every group of awardees and line up only one performance number in between awarding ceremonies,” Lugay added.

TOFA 2021 will run from 8 to 9:30 p.m. with no intermission. Proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test are required to attend the TOFA gala.

Lugay has also announced that the official 100 nominees of TOFA will be featured in its second coffee table book slated to be published in 2022.

Some of the nominees for this year’s TOFA Awards.

FIRST openly gay mayor of San Diego, California, Todd Gloria.

HOST, creator, executive producer, and recording artist Thomas Orlina.

FOUNDER and CEO of Ia’s Threads, Ia Matunhay Faraoni.

FIRST woman president of Utah Valley University, Astrid Tuminez.

Aspiring chef Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chapelle.

INVENTOR and philantrophist Jere Rivera-Dugenio.

SINGER Jessica Sanchez.

FENCING gold medalist Lee Kiefer

NURSE and entrepreneur Dely Po Go.

PROFESSIONAL basketball player, Jalen Green.

ESTABLISHED fashion designer David Tupaz.

ACTOR, singer, dancer and artist Nacho Tambunting.

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