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Savor the flavors of Asian dishes at Lucky Chinatown

Asia, known for its rich culture and cuisine, has captivated people worldwide with its bold flavors and unique ingredients. Filipinos, passionate about food, love experimenting with new dishes.

At Lucky Chinatown in Manila’s Binondo, the oldest Chinatown globally, you can indulge in a variety of authentic Asian dishes, including Chinese cuisine.

Lucky Chinatown, a Megaworld Lifestyle Mall, offers a picturesque destination for quality time with loved ones and a wide range of dining options, from seafood favorites to dim sum and refreshing drinks.

Manila Bulletin Lifestyle highlights top restaurants at Lucky Chinatown, perfect for any occasion, helping you savor the best of Asian cuisine year-round.

Honey Tang .jpg

Authentic taste of China

One reason why Filipinos love Chinese cuisine is our shared affinity for spiciness. Many Chinese dishes incorporate spiciness as a significant element. It’s no secret that Filipinos enjoy spicy food, using it to season our dishes or as a dip to complement our favorites. Honey Tang, the recently opened Chinese restaurant known for its spicy dishes, offers a “malatang” flavor that brings an authentic taste of China straight to your table.

From beef meats to seafood favorites, diners will definitely taste its authenticity, especially with its hot pot side dishes that perfectly goes well with Mala ban or Dry Mala and can be customized to fit a diner’s liking.

Mala ban.jpg
Mala Ban

Diners should not miss trying the restaurant’s Mala Ban, also known as spicy mix, originating from the vibrant and fiery cuisine of Sichuan province in southwestern China. Think of Mala Ban as a fusion of hot pot and spicy garlic noodles. The numbing and spicy sauce pairs well with virtually everything. Mala Soup features various mushrooms such as enoki mushrooms, white mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, mushroom balls, large mushrooms, and brown mushrooms. Additionally, it includes shrimp, crab balls, sausage, pea seedlings, puffer fish strips, and romaine lettuce. The best part about Mala Ban is that everyone can customize their sauce and ingredients.

Dry Mala.jpg
Dry Mala

Another must-try dish is Honey Tang’s dry-tossed version, called Dry Mala. Honey Tang’s unique Dry Mala sauce combines sesame sauce, peanut sauce, and mala sauce. It features squid, crayfish, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, a large mushroom, broccoli, Malabar spinach, sausage, young corn, pea seedlings, and cauliflower. The dry version is perfect for days when you crave something creamy, refreshing, and spicy.

Honey Tang is located on the 4th floor, Food junction, Lucky Chinatown

Lan hot pot.jpg

A cosmic culinary journey

Savor Chinese cuisine that integrates diverse culinary traditions at this restaurant. It will surely transport you out of this world with its innovative space-themed interiors and authentic Chinese hot pot experience. Formerly known as Nan Hot Pot, the newly updated Lan Hot Pot boasts futuristic and welcoming interiors. Every wall and corner features cute, Instagram-worthy spots, making it a great place to enjoy hot pot with friends and family.

Lan hot pot 1.jpg

Lan Hot Pot stands out from other hot pot restaurants with its unique aerospace theme. It combines the traditional Chinese hot pot experience with a modern twist. When you walk in, it feels like you’re entering a futuristic world where modern design meets authentic flavors, making the atmosphere both inviting and thrilling.

Lan hot pot 2.jpg
Lan Hot Pot Summer feast

Now for the best part. Lan Hot Pot offers a delightful mix of tasty dishes. You can indulge in a premium selection of meats, seafood, meatballs, and vegetables, perfectly complemented by soups. Diners can opt for a single soup base or choose the more exciting Double Combo or Triple Combo soup base. We selected the Double Combo option, which includes Mala Soup and their Signature Chicken Soup. Some of the dishes at Lan Hot Pot include Scallops, Golden Cheese Balls, Australian Beef Roll, Broccoli, Shrimp, Squid Balls, Enoki Mushroom Beef Roll, Fried Fish Ball, Crab Claw, and more. Of course, we can’t forget the Filipino favorite, rice, and the delectable signature dipping sauces that allow you to taste authentic Chinese flavors.

Lan Hot Pot is located on the 2nd floor, Lucky Chinatown

Golden noodle house.jpg
(From L-R): Surfing A3 Wagyu Beef Soup Noodles and Seared Pork Chop Noodles

Where tradition meets flavor in every bowl

Entering the Golden Noodle House allows diners to prepare for classic Chinese noodle dishes filled with a variety of flavors to satisfy one’s palate. Apart from its dumplings, potstickers, and garlic ribs, what we recommend everyone try are its signature noodles. The Surfing A3 Wagyu Beef Soup Noodles combine the elegance of premium Wagyu beef slices with the heartiness of delectable noodles. Its hot, savory beef broth cascades over tender beef slices, instantly cooking them to perfection.

If you’re looking for something new, the Seared Pork Chop Noodles are perfect for you. With homemade noodles topped with marinated pork chop, the flavorful soup contains a hint of curry.

First-timers can also try the restaurant’s special Chicken Soup Noodles or go directly for the top favorite, the signature Golden Crab Roe Noodles. Additionally, complimentary ice cream was offered.

Golden Noodle House is located on the ground floor, Prosperity Wing, Lucky Chinatown

Mango Dream, Panda Milktea and Mango Slush

Refreshing summer delights

With so many milk tea, fresh tea, and juice options available in the Philippines now, what sets CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice apart from other milk tea brands is their commitment to using only the freshest fruits and tea leaves in all of their drinks.

This milk tea brand originates from Taiwan, the birthplace of milk tea, with the first CoCo store opened by Tommy Hung in the Tamsui District of Taipei in 1997. They offer a wide array of drinks, including Fruit Teas, Milk Tea, Juice, Latte, and Fresh Tea.

Given the hot weather, we decided to try their latest offerings: The Mango Dream and Mango Slush, which are perfect for this hot weather.

The Mango Dream is a tropical, refreshing drink crafted with sweet mango puree and mango slush, layered with a scoop of creamy cloud to create the dreamy drink. The Mango Slush, on the other hand, is a refreshing tropical mango-flavored slush.

For those who love milk tea but prefer it less sweet, the Panda Milk Tea is a great choice. The milk is creamy, and the pearls are chewy without being rubbery. It’s called Panda because it features both black and white tapioca pearls.

CoCo is located on the 3rd floor, Lucky Chinatown

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