Self-care in the time of a pandemic

EMBRACING one’s flaws is the first step to loving oneself. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF unsplash/ aiony haust

Self-care, according to, is the act of “taking care of oneself so that you can be healthy, you can be well, you can do your job, you can help and care for others, and you can do all the things you need to and want to accomplish in a day.”

In the time of the pandemic, where stress and anxiety pile up, caring for oneself is a priority.

Self-care and wellness were the highlight in an event on 10 September, “Rustan’s Beauty Addict: Transcend.”

AMID the pandemic, where stress and anxiety pile up, caring for oneself is what is needed the most. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/KIMIA ZARIFI

Hosted by Tim Yap, guests Bella Manzano, Paolo Valenciano, Stephanie Zubiri, Tootsy Angara and Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga talked about how to do good, feel good and look good during these trying times, redefining

modern-day beauty standards through self-love, as well as tips and daily rituals.

Zubiri stressed that embracing one’s flaws is the first step to loving yourself. She gave recipes and tips on how to be beautiful inside and out in Rustan’s Do Good campaign on 15 September.

Yap asked Angara and Matsunaga-Sunga how they help their kids cope with online schooling and keeping busy at home.

IT’S important to do good, think good and feel good. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY Of pexels/anna shvets

Angara said, “I taught them to be joyful every day. We really don’t have much choice but to find the joy in little things.”

Matsunaga-Sunga recalled how career-driven she was before she had kids. If there is one thing she realizes every day, it is the little joys in life that her kids bring to her.

MEDITATION is a form taking care of one’s self and wellbeing. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY Of pexels/prasanth inturi

Valenciano expressed her thoughts on finding the right perspective: “When we look through the lives of other people on social media, it looks so easy but in reality, it is filtered. I believe life wasn’t meant to be easy.”

Meanwhile, Bella Manzano,

co-founder of Project Proverbs, an organization that helps orphans and abandoned Filipino children, said we cannot ignore the little ideas and callings that we feel in our hearts, just like she did when she helped establish Project Proverbs.

EXERCISING and staying healthy is self-care. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY Of pexels/prasanth inturi

Beauty and the importance of self-care, no matter how small or big, was the general sentiment. Yap said, “Self-care is an important tool to use. Use these words to create a new and positive mindset. We live in not-so-good times, so it’s important that we do good, feel good, and think good.”

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