Shanti Dope’s ‘Amatz’ featured in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Shanti Dope in the music video for his 2019 song, "Amatz." Screengrab from Universal Records Philippines' YouTube page

MANILA — Shanti Dope's hit song "Amatz" has been featured in an episode of "Falcon and the Winter Soldier," the latest Marvel offering on Disney+.

The Filipino rapper shared the good news on his official Facebook page on Friday, re-posting an announcement by his manager, Thea Gomez Pollisco.

According to Pollisco, it was back in December when they received an email from Marvel Studios regarding the use of Shanti Dope's song.

"This is the second international collab inquiry for Shanti Dope. The first one, Disney emailed us for Shanti's collab with Sabrina Carpenter. Now Marvel naman at masaya kami dahil 'Amatz' song pa," she said.

Also seen in Pollisco's post is a short clip featuring the Filipino rap track.

Minutes later, Shanti Dope also shared a screengrab from the end credits of the show, which included "Amatz" and its creators.

"God is the greatest," he said.

Shanti Dope released "Amatz" in 2019, following the success of his debut single, "Nadarang."

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency earlier sought to prevent the airing of the song as it supposedly promotes marijuana use, which runs contrary to the Duterte administration's "war on drugs."

Reacting to the issue, Shanti Dope's management called on PDEA to "listen to the whole song and not just take a few lines out of context."

They added: "To take apart a song and judge it based on certain lyrics that offend us is unfair to the songwriter; to presume that our reading of a song is the only valid one is offensive to an audience that might be more mature than we think."

The rapper's camp also said the proposed ban sets a "dangerous precedent for creative and artistic freedom in the country, when a drug enforcement agency can unilaterally decide on what a song is about, and call for its complete ban because it is presumed to go against government’s war on illegal drugs."

"This is a brazen use of power, and an affront to our right to think, write, create, and talk freely about the state of the nation."

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