‘Signs’ of the times

JANE de Leon wearing the Signarama liftable face shield. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF SIGNARAMA PHILIPPINES

Ever noticed the personalized face shields and pouches worn by local celebrities including Alex Gonzaga, Maine Mendoza, Jane de Leon, Moira de la Torre, Markki Stroem, Kakai Bautista, Gretchen Ho, Jennylyn Mercado, Cassy Legaspi, Maxine Medina, Sanya Lopez, Ariel Rivera, Alexa Ilacad, Gab Pangilinan, Via Antonio and Magno Pancho?

They are part of pandemic-born products of a company that began as a sign maker some two decades ago.

Established by Willie Que, Signarama Philippines has been in the business of making signs.

Recogizing that signs create awareness, promote a product or simply give directions, Signarama delved into helping business owners communicate messages and seed their brands in potential customers’ minds.

Signs are important in marketing strategy and this is now being taken to the next level by the Signarama Philippines president Wesley Que, Willie’s son.

Signarama is a global franchise with over 800 locations in 64 countries.

“My father started his own sign business more than 20 years ago. He built a good business out of it, but handled all the sales and operations by himself, with my mother supporting him in finance and administration,” the younger Que said.

The business began small, but it sustained their family. It enabled his parents to give them a good education. For Wesley, that meant having a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from De La Salle University that allowed him to become a university professor and work in a consulting firm for some time. However, the call to give back and expand the family business was a strong one.

“When Signarama came to one of the franchise shows, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to boost our brand,” Wesley expressed pride in partnering with the international brand representing 80 percent of the global franchised sign business.

Signarama has been around and operating for more than 34 years. With its vision to help grow businesses and spark innovations, the brand seeks to be the leading sign company in the Philippines.

“Ironically, while sign businesses are tagged as advertising companies in the country, they rarely focus on their own branding,” Wesley said on why Signarama Philippines decided to show the public how it takes care of the brand.

By doing so, he believes, it would be easier to gain the trust of their target market.

“We decided to take the Master Franchise License for the whole Philippines and believe that this would take us to that next level of growth,” he added.

Wesley worked as general manager in the family’s Signarama franchise when it started in 2014 and took on the role as president in 2018. His heart, from the start, has been after helping businesses grow through signs.

Divide and conquer

“In order to serve our customers better, be true to our vision of helping businesses grow, and reach more of those we haven’t reached before, we have decided to create sub-brands under the main one,” Wesley announced the changes applied on their family business.

Signarama Philippines now has three categories — Signarama Corporate, Signarama Home Business and Signarama Personalized.

As the brand provides top-quality, worry-free and comprehensive sign solutions to customers, the target market’s range has grown from contractors, designers, architects, sari-sari store and online store owners to regular home owners and interior designers.

The products have also diversified from building ID, graphics, displays, signage repairs, video shoot props to neon signs, canvas prints and face shields.

Signs of service

As Signarama Philippines thrives in its business category, it attempts to live up to its commitment to service by giving back to fellow business owners. Wesley announced the “Quaranegosyo” program specifically aimed at people who have been laid off during the pandemic, those whose businesses have slowed down or stopped, and others who have started a business during this season.

With his team, it is his goal to encourage people to pursue their dreams and choose to hope even in crisis and look at situations like the pandemic as an opportunity for growth and success.

He acknowledged the strength and resilience of local business owners. Wesley said, “During these difficult times, there were those who chose to hope in a seemingly hopeless situation and power through even to the point of risking everything they have. Some have discovered a new passion or livelihood.”

Quaranegosyo is Signarama Philippines’ simple way of giving hope to and rewarding the hard work of a deserving kababayan. At stake are P100,000 worth of cash and signages; P70,000 in business signage package; and P30,000 in cash.

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