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The mill Tamnavulin is the Gaelic translation of ‘mill on the hill’ named in part after the historic carding mill which sits on the site of distillery.

Among the wonderful surprises this pandemic brought has been the chance to travel into virtual worlds we only read about or dream of visiting. For those who cherish a good drink experience, a double opportunity opened up recently with the introduction of a new name in whisky on Philippine shores.

Those who purchase the Landers Sherry Cask (exclusively available in Landers Superstore) or the Tamnavulin Distillery Experience pack (with Tamnavulin Double Cask, Tamnavulin Sherry Cask and whisky pairing snacks) gets an invite to a virtual distillery tour today, 10 December, at 8 p.m.

Distillery tour

On the Southern edge of Speyside, in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, lies the Tamnavulin Distillery. Built in 1966, the Distillery takes its name from the Gaelic for ‘mill on the hill,’ the distillery was named after the historic woolen mill that still sits next to the distillery.

HARDWORKING team behind the Tamnavulin distillery applies time-honored skills with a common goal: Creating the perfect whisky. / Photographs courtesy of Tamnavulin

After closing in 1995, the distillery underwent a major refurbishment before it was reopened in 2007.

The first whisky from the newly opened distillery was launched in 2016, much to the anticipation of whisky fans. Tucked away on the edge of the River Livet, set on the bank of the Allt’ a Choire, Tamnavulin draws water from underground springs in the Easterton hills formed by snowmelt from the surrounding mountains. This water is naturally filtered through ancient limestone rock before reaching the distillery, resulting in some of the purest spring water to be found in Scotland.

The small group of skilled, time-served craftsmen began creating Tamnavulin’s signature Speyside malt whisky over 50 years ago using the finest ingredients combined with age-old distilling expertise and sophisticated techniques.

Today, this exquisite single malt whisky is making its way to Asia and setting foot on the Philippines.

Tamnavulin distillery.

Single malt experience

Speyside whiskies are the most popular in the world, with its offerings being easy to drink with sweet, fruity and floral notes.

The hero expression of the range is Tamnavulin Double Cask. This is the first single malt the distillery launched since the 1990s in celebration of its 50th anniversary. It is matured in American Oak barrels for a sweet, mellow taste, with a rich, smooth, sherry finish. Tamnavulin Sherry Cask Edition shows the classic character of the Speyside distillery and its continued union with Sherry.

It is matured in American White Oak Barrels and enhanced by a finesse in three different types of Oloroso Sherry casks created from a selection of the finest European and American Hogshead.

The team behind the popular single malt expertly sourced casks from three individual cooperages across Spain. Each cooperage is selected for its ability to gift different flavors to this single malt and to bring life to the quintessential Sherry notes of raisin, vanilla and orange.

Rising to the top

Just three years after it was launched in the UK, Tamnavulin earned the distinction of being the fastest growing malt brand by value in Europe in 2019.

It is a top 25 malt brand globally and is ready to conquer Asia. It has steadily recruited blended whisky shoppers into the malt category by offering them a taste of signature Speyside.

The Speyside Single Malt brand was brought back to life in 2016 to offer a compelling single malt proposition to avid whisky consumers looking for a credible, quality alternative to blends and a solution to those looking to explore the malt category.

This is proven by its double-digit growth, which has seen the brand grow from strength to strength at +33 percent volume year-over-year. Tamnavulin is now a £7million brand in UK grocery, and proudly the number six malt and the number two contributor to UK Malt category growth.

Today, Tamnavulin is available in more than 10 markets including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia and Taiwan. Collectively, the brand now has more than 8,000 distribution points internationally, including two large online retail partners.

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