‘Spring in Joseon’ to bloom in SM Davao City this weekend

Experience Korea's rich heritage and cultural traditions as the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) celebrates Spring in Joseon at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City from April 29 to 30.

Presented by the Korean Embassy and the Korean Cultural Center, in partnership with SM Lanang Premier, the two-day festival is a unique and exciting opportunity to learn more about the roots of Korean culture and experience Korea during the Joseon dynasty through traditional food, performances, games, cultural activities, and aesthetic themed photo spots – which will be familiar to fans of the Sageuk or Korean period drama.

During the festival, mallgoers can taste traditional Korean spring delicacies such as Hwajeon and pancakes topped with spring flowers.

Mallgoers can participate in Neottwigi, a traditional Korean game much like a seesaw. PHOTO FROM Encyclopedia of Korean Culture

Enjoy performances called Pungmulnori, a traditional Korean percussion ensemble, are on schedule. PHOTO FROM Encyclopedia of Korean Culture

Spring in Joseon marks the beginning of present-day Korea when Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) – among many other cultural legacies of the Joseon dynasty – was created.

The Korean alphabet enabled Koreans to express themselves freely, leading to the birth of Korean literature and today through the widely popular K-drama and K-pop music.

Mallgoers can look forward to Hangeul classes; traditional Korean spring activities like Bongseonhwa Nail Dye (nail dye using balsam blossoms); traditional games such as Neolttwigi (Korean seesaw); springtime delicacies like Hwaejeon (flower pancake); to aesthetic photo spots of a Korean palace.

Not to be missed are the performances of traditional songs called Pungmulnori (percussion ensemble) and Pansori (solo musical storytelling). There will also be a special performance by P-Pop star and breakthrough artist Mona Gonzales.

Davaoeños will also get a chance to showcase their talents in the first-ever K-Pop contest in the region hosted by KCC, “Everyone's KPOP: Davao” on April 29.

The grand winner will perform again on stage on April 30 to cap off the festival.

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