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Globe urges subscribers to update their SIM registration information on the online SIM registration platform. The company acknowledges that life circumstances can change which is why customers need to reflect these changes in their SIM registration details. This reminder is in keeping with the SIM Registration Act which mandates all SIM users to register with accurate and complete details.

Enacted in December 2022, the SIM Registration Act requires users to submit a verifiable photo ID together with their personal information during registration. This aims to deter SIM-aided criminal acts to enhance public safety and security.


In June 2023, an update option was incorporated into the Globe SIM registration portal so that customers can easily modify their information. And so if you have a new address, or got married or had legally changed name or perhaps got a new government ID, make sure your SIM registration reflects these updates. Providing false information or failing to update your details could result in penalties under the law.

A secure and reliable SIM registration system has always been Globe’s priority. Together with various security measures, the company also implements advanced encryption protocols to protect data during registration, a live photo capture technology to prevent fake IDs and limited ID submission retries to stop fraudulent attempts.

By keeping subscribers’ information updated, Globe works hand in hand with its customers in creating a safer and more secure telecommunications environment in the country.

Keep your information current. Visit the Globe SIM registration portal.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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