Student art competition aims to rebuild dreams

From last year’s “Hope in Our Art” creations that depict hope through art, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s (PSPC) 54th Shell National Students Art Competition (NSAC) takes on an equally relevant theme this year, “restART,” which encourages young artists to come up with artworks that inspire and contribute to a stronger and better country.

As Pilipinas Shell’s commitment to Philippine art, it introduces Juan Art Nation, a campaign that aims to broaden programs for the growing community of artists, through the 54th edition of Shell NSAC, one of the most prestigious art competitions in the country for more than five decades.


NSAC is one of the

longest-running student art competitions in the country, under Juan Art Nation, which enables the youth and the art community to convey their imagination into tangible art forms and serve as inspiration for Filipinos.

PSPC president and chief executive officer Cesar Romero said that “we encourage the youth to actively take part in shaping the future of the Philippines, using art as tool and guide. Shell is committed to help shape the country’s leaders of tomorrow; we therefore ask the youth to continue to bring inspiration through art and use that as a platform to keep the Philippines moving forward.”


Participants can choose from various art categories: Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Sculpture and Digital Fine Arts.

NSAC, which last year saw the participation of 1,500 artists, has been enabled artists to showcase their talent and vision, producing established artists such as National Artist Jose Joya, expressionist painter Ang Kiukok, applied sculpture practitioner Leeroy New, realistic oil painter Ivan Roxas., and National Artist Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera.

Winners of the 54th Shell NSAC can win P60,000 cash, a limited Shell NSAC shirt and jacket, a gold medal and a plaque for the first prize; P40,000 cash, a limited Shell NSAC shirt and jacket, a silver medal and a plaque for the second prise; P30,000 cash, a limited Shell NSAC shirt and jacket, a bronze medal and a plaque for the third prize.


The deadline for entries is 1 October. Winners will be announced through a virtual awarding ceremony via Zoom on 24 November. For more details, visit

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