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Suzuki’s solutions for better mobility

The Suzuki eWX and Spacia concepts.

Automobile and motorcycle brand, Suzuki, didn’t miss the opportunity to show off its visions for future mobility at the recent Japan Mobility Show held last week.

Suzuki displayed its extensive line-up of vehicles along with the message of presenting to the customers diverse initiatives toward a carbon neutral future. Suzuki introduced various options for mobility and services that are unique to the brand which stay close to people’s daily lives. Suzuki brings together technologies as a general mobility maker answering the needs of everyone, starting with concept models of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as next-generation mobility.

New car concepts

The Suzuki eWX

Suzuki’s four-wheel vehicles on display were all conceived to improve people’s way of life. Leading the exhibition was the eWX. This vehicle was designed to be a fun and practical mini wagon EV with an approachable presence.

The look of the next Swift hatchback was previewed in concept form, showcasing its “drive and feel” design concept. The Concept Swift was designed with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like collision mitigation braking. It’s also envisioned to be powered by a high-efficiency engine.

Another noteworthy vehicle is the Spacia, a minicar with unique styling and spacious cabin. Designed with a versatile interior, it hopes to service as a practical passenger and cargo vehicle thanks to its variable interior, suicide-style rear doors and approachable design.

Two wheels of the future

Suzuki motorcycles were also there to showcase the brand’s vision for two-wheeled mobility, particularly the shift to more carbon neutral powertrains.

The Suzuki e-Burgman

Among them was the Suzuki Burgman e-Scooter, based on the Burgman Street EX that was designed to produce equivalent power and performance to a 125cc. This one, however is powered by a swappable-battery provided by Gachaco. It is currently under testing, allowing Suzuki to collect data about its usage and how it can make commutes more practical.

Suzuki Burgman Hydrogen

Suzuki is also looking into hydrogen power with Burgman Hydrogen concept. Hydrogen engines are one of the multi-pathway initiatives Suzuki is exploring for carbon neutrality. Rather than being a battery-powered electric vehicle, the Hydrogen Burgman uses a hydrogen combustion engine as part of its powertrain. This combustion produces much less emissions than a conventional ICE, particularly more H20 in the form of water vaper. It was built on a Burgman 400 ABS, but instead uses a 70MPa hydrogen tank.

Suzuki e-Choinori

Filipinos might be familiar with the Choinori, a 50cc scooter that has gained quite a following in the country. Thankfully, Suzuki hasn’t forgotten it either and is in fact considering electrifying it. On display at the event was a e-Choinori, an electric version utilizing the battery and powertrain units of Panasonic Cycle Technology e-bikes. It is based on the 2003 Choinori introduced in 2003, and is intended for close distance transportation thanks to its simple and lightweight body and battery.

These are just some of Suzuki’s visions for future mobility. They may not be greenlit for production quite yet, however it certainly shows that Suzuki is already considering the shift to more carbon neutral mobility.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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