‘Tanga sa pag-big?’ Bea Alonzo’s mom roasts daughter in new vlog

Screenshot from Bea Alonzo's vlog

Bea Alonzo’s mother, Mary Ann Ranollo, did not mince words when she played the “Who’s who?” game in the actress’ vlog, candidly branding her daughter as naïve in love.

In the latest vlog post of Alonzo, Ranollo was tasked to dip the face of either her daughter or her son, James Carlos, in ice-cold water as answers to a list of questions.

Ranollo, who kiddingly said she would use it as vengeance on her children, turned out to be brutally honest much to the delight of Bea and James.

When asked who between the two was naive in love, she did not hesitate to push Alonzo’s head into the water.

“Sino mas tanga sa pag-ibig? Jusko, si Bea Alonzo. ‘Di ba antanga?” she said laughing.

Alonzo, who is being linked to Dominic Roque, made headlines years ago in a controversial breakup with actor Gerald Anderson.

Ranollo also bared that her daughter was very secretive about her poor decisions.

The mother of Alonzo made her answers more interesting by providing short anecdotes about her children.

After pointing to Bea as always late, she shared how difficult it was to wake her daughter up. They even missed a flight because of Alonzo’s slowness.

But Bea was quick to explain that she does not arrive late at work, “Pag may bayad [di ako late]. Tsaka di rin ako iyakin, ‘pag may bayad lang.”

She also scolded Bea for being unorganized with her stuff, “Alam mo ate kaya madalas mawala gamit mo, burara ka e.”

When asked who between the two are vain, Ranollo dipped both faces. James also did not escape criticism from his mother.

“Pangit ka. Naku baka sabihin ng tao sinungaling ako,” Ranollo claimed.

James fired back, saying they look alike, but his mother had the final words: “E di ba nga pangit ako?”

But at the end of the video, Ranollo said she treats her children equally, although Bea resented it at first.

“Akala mo lang favorite ako kasi bunso ako pero same lang,” James said.

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