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‘Time for Tea’ is filled with everything from recipes and pairings to history and hacks. / Photographs courtesy of fortnum & mason

In the pandemic, talk of tea has usually revolved around its immunity-boosting properties, and so, many have probably had their chamomile, turmeric, lemongrass and ginger teas on regular rotation until these have lost the very pleasure each cuppa has always been meant to give.

Whether you like it hot, cold or sparkling, served from a cup and saucer or a cocktail glass, these marvelous leaves can be enjoyed every which way.

Capturing over 300 years of expertise in tea, the new book, Time for Tea, puts together everything you need to make the most out of your cup in every sense.

Home to hundreds of different varieties of tea, an unrivaled collection of teaware and accessories and the world’s most famous Afternoon Tea, Fortnum & Mason is proud to present its new Time for Tea book. The entertaining and authoritative guide is filled with everything from recipes and pairings to history and hacks, all about the most widely consumed drink, after water, in the world.

Through its extensive curation process to provide the very best drinking experience, and with each Fortnum’s tea having its own special story, Fortnum’s truly has a long-standing credibility and breadth of range: Making it the ultimate destination for extraordinary teas.

The result of extensive collaboration between a host of Fortnum’s esteemed experts, including tea buyers, chefs, tearistas, mixologists and its own archivist, this new guide is anchored by food writer and friend of the brand Tom Parker Bowles. The new book takes readers on a journey of discovery behind the history of Britain’s favorite drink, with an in-depth look into how to make the perfect brew and identify a wide range of teas to suit different tastes, occasions and times of day.

the book puts together everything you need to make the most out of your cup in every sense.

And that is just the beginning. Along with perfect tea and biscuit pairings, readers will discover 50 sweet and savory recipes curated by executive pastry chef Roger Pizey, each one paired with a different tea. Tea cocktail recipes were by Mustafa Tumuri — Fortnum’s chief mixologist. Elsewhere, the book guides you through seasonality, terroir, grading, the benefits of drinking loose leaf and even a history timeline. In short, everything you could possibly want to know, eat or drink.

Featuring exclusive illustrations by BAFTA-nominated cartoonist Zebedee Helm and photography by the award-winning David Loftus, Time for Tea is more than a book. It is a pure distillation of Fortnum’s passion, knowledge and love of all things tea — and will be the ultimate gift for a tea lover for years to come.

The launch of Time for Tea is one of many ways the esteemed British retailer will be commemorating Fortnum & Mason’s Tea Season — a two-month long celebration of all things TEA!

Throughout April and May, Fortnum’s is launching a series of activations, including the Fortnum’s Tea Tuk popping up in various locations around Hong Kong, highlighting the bespoke

in-store tea blending service as the ideal personalized gift for Mother’s Day, and launching new exquisite tea-infused cocktails at the 181 bar.

Fortnum’s have been creating blends of tea since the late 18th century, and by the 1930s were known to have “The Most Famous Tea Counter in the World.”

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