The golden friendship of Chito Madrigal-Collantes and Liding Oledan

CARISSA with her lola Liding.

Lola Liding and Tita Chito were always good friends although I would guess their friendship began in the 1960s.

Their friendship deepened when they were in their 70s, the age, I suppose, when one starts to withdraw from all the active socializing at luncheons and parties and you really just maintain a very close, select circle of friends — people with whom you share common values, interests, likes and dislikes. These are the friends you can be completely yourself around and totally let your guard down, and say and do what you want, because you know there would be no judgment. Just complete acceptance of and love for each other.

Lola Liding and Tita Chito clicked because they shared similar opinions about situations and people.

Lunch was held frequently at Lola’s house. It was convenient that they lived around the corner from each other. They also liked to eat out. Abe in Serendra was a favorite.

At some point, they were both hooked on a local telenovela where the main character was an alien. They would watch it in the afternoons and then call each other to talk about what happened on the show.

For Tita Chito’s birthday that year, Tita Chuchu, her niece, arranged with ABS-CBN for Kokey, the alien, to come visit Lola and Tita Chito who were watching it together that day. What a thrill that was for both of them!

AMBASSADOR and Mrs. Jose Z. Oledan.

They traveled to Hong Kong a lot, both staying at the Peninsula, their favorite hotel. Tita Chito was one for a cocktail or a drink in the late afternoon, but Lola was never a drinker. It was during their afternoons sitting at the lobby that Lola learned to drink soft drinks. It would have been a bit corny to just drink water, so she learned to enjoy Coke!

It’s great that their friendship has transcended generations, as her grandniece Alex Eduque and I are also very good friends.

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