The importance of healthy morning habits in the Young-Daez household

The couple’s morning routine consists of activities that see to their physical, mental and emotional well-being. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/MIKAELDAEZ

The couple’s morning routine consists of activities that see to their physical, mental and emotional well-being. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/MIKAELDAEZ

Megan Young and Mikael Daez are two of the most visible celebrities on TV screens and online. If not hosting or acting, the multi-talented husband and wife are dishing out life and relationship tips on their podcast and vlogs. But how do they do it all? The answer, they both said, lie in their healthy morning habits.

“Two years ago, I came to a point na I was so sluggish even if work hasn't started yet. I don't know how do I push through with my day. So we really had to come up with a plan and set our day — and that started with sleeping early, waking up early and continuing with the rest of the day,” Young started.

Daez continued, “Living a healthy for us, really starts in the morning cause that sets you up for how you feel for the rest of the day. In the mornings, we try to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally and that starts with a nice cup of coffee, taking some time to relax, making sure that the food you eat for breakfast is very good, and having a light workout. Of course, it helps to supplement with a really good stuff like Redoxon.”

The husband-and-wife graced the media launch of Redoxon, Bayer's effervescent tablet formulated with Ascorbic Acid, Zinc and Cholecalciferol (or Vitamin D). Vitamin C protects the body's cells from oxidative stress that can cause cell damage; Zinc produces cells that defends the immune system; and Vitamin D3 strengthens immunity with antibodies.

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While these three can be acquired through diet and healthy habits, Dr. Leah Manio, Bayer Philippines Consumer Health Medical Lead, explained why supplementing them through other means is oftentimes needed.

“Our bodies do not actually produce vitamin C, that's the reason why we need to take it from our diet but for us to actually get 1,000 mg of vitamin C, we need to take it around 20 oranges a day. Quite impossible and quite a feat so that's why we need supplementation.

“For Vitamin D3, that's actually primarily formed through the action of the UV sunlight of our skin. But event if it's accessible, we also change our lifestyle where a lot of us are indoors or even affected by heavy air pollution. And of course, Zinc, it's an antioxidant and it's needed for the maintenance of bone, hair, nails and skin,” the expert shared during the media launch.

As for Young and Daez, it was easier to incorporate taking these vitamins and mineral in their morning routine.

“We definitely take our vitamins in the morning kasi it really jumpstarts our day, and our mood. It gives us that energy to workout and go on with our routine,” Young finally shared.

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