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The magnanimous ‘A’s in Deborah Sun’s life

PROBABLY the greatest challenge for the 63-year-old actress Deborah Sun is how she will introduce herself to the now generation. But as far as we — ourselves close to her age — are concerned, she need not talk much.

I may not know Deborah too well, but at least I'm aware she comes from the famous Salvador clan in showbiz. Her kin include semi-retired actor Philip Salvador, Maja Salvador, among others.

As far as her past films are concerned, the one which lingers in my memory is her role as nanny to Jennifer Cortez in Joey Gosiengfiao's iconic “Temptation Island” back in the late 80s. Other than that, honestly, nothing else.

On the personal side, all I know is that Deborah was once friends with Lorna Tolentino. But let me stop there. Whatever caused their falling out (which I'm also privy to) is immaterial.

What concerns me is that Deborah is back on her toes, taking on assignments one after another. And that's good to know.

Through the years, Operation Tulong made its presence felt in various ways. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Common caption: Ara Mina, Aiko Melendez and Boy Abunda are instrumental in Sun’s positive transformation.

Common caption: Ara Mina, Aiko Melendez and Boy Abunda are instrumental in Sun’s positive transformation.

Actress Deborah Sun IMDB PHOTO

The last time Deborah came face-to-face with some members of the entertainment media was when she was making promo rounds for a movie in which she played “Marites.”

No, her name in the movie is not literally that but a rumor-mongering woman, which in fact she is far from being one in real life.

On the contrary, Deborah has become a favorite staple among tongue-lashing purveyors of “showbiz intrigues” bordering on her past she wants forgotten.

Not one to deny her predilection for drugs, Deborah admitted it was the cause of her life gone miserable and wretched. Hence, this piece of advice most especially to the now generation of stars: stay away from drugs.

Deborah certainly didn't see it coming. It was her drug addiction that pulled her to the abyss of hopelessness.

But thank heavens, there are still good people around her. Top on her list is Ara Mina who calls her “tita.”

Sans blood relations, Ara treats Deborah like her own. In fact, the condo unit which Deborah and her kids have been staying for seven years gratis et amore is actually Ara's.

Not only is this Mrs. Almarinez's act of charity. Without fail, Ara has three boxes containing assorted grocery items religiously sent to Deborah three times a year.

On top of all this, the veteran actress receives some little cash for her expenditures.

Deborah fessed up to being grateful but at the same time said she felt embarrassed.

She told the press she was willing to give up the condo unit should Ara decide to sell it, “However, Ara is the one feeling embarrassed. She even wants to move us to a larger condo unit. Oh, Ara is really kind!”

Not only is Deborah indebted to Ara, there's also Boy Abunda.

According to Deborah, it's Boy who supports one of her children's nursing school needs. This is apart from the TV host's other financial help like settling Deborah's utility bills. Boy also has food delivered at her doorstep.

It may occur to anyone that Deborah seems fortunate with people with the letter “A” in their names: Ara, Abunda.

And to complete the list of her earthbound angels, Deborah makes special mention of Quezon City Councilor Aiko Melendez.

Aiko and Deborah's son Jam are paternal brothers. Their dad, former Regal heartthrob and matinee idol Jimmy Melendez, died in 1997.

I remember Startalk's feature on Jam. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, it was Aiko who supported and still supports her half-brother in terms of medications and other medical needs.

Not much has changed. To this day, Aiko plays the big, benevolent sister that she is. The actress-public servant also never misses in helping Deborah during critical times.

Just like reading a book about her struggles in life, one might ask: what has caused all this upon Deborah? Is it because admittedly, she never got to finish high school? Is the sole culprit her drug dependency? Could it be her lack of grit in life?

The list of possible reasons may be endless. But to pass judgment is of no help to Deborah.

The least we can do is to pray that showbiz assignments keep coming her way, to make her realize that help in whatever form is never a thing of forever.

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