The new pandemic ‘necessity’? Why community smart lockers are practical in time for new quarantines

If you have traveled to Japan and other countries, you have probably used one of the many lockers found in train stations, amusement parks, tourist districts, and airports. These lockers provide convenience so you could enjoy your vacation by leaving your luggage in these safe lockers. With no luggage in tow, you can go shopping, food crawling, and explore more tourist spots to maximize precious time.

But as the pandemic hit the world, traveling across continents halted, and therefore these public lockers found themselves “idle.” But not anymore as thanks to young Pinoy entrepreneurs who brought the concept of tourist lockers in the Philippines and reinvented it to fit the new normal.

LAUNDRAFÉBox Corporation, a smart-tech company that owns and operates the Qube 24/7, is headed by CEO Elcid Lao and COO Jericho Montano. They introduced us to the first Pinoy community smart lockers and why these can help you feel safe and comfortable even during a quarantine lockdown.

Enjoy safe delivery of your essentials

Aside from having your home in a pandemic, food and medicines are also important. In case you don’t have time to visit the supermarket or drugstores, or dine-in is not allowed at your favorite food establishment, then buy online and pick your food or medicine in your own smart locker.

This easy-to-use community smart lockers – powered by technologies such as Android and iOS applications, barcodes, SMS and the likes – will make its customers enjoy a more contactless service experience. All you have to do is just send the barcode or OTP secured code generated by the smart locker app to your delivery rider and he can just leave your order safely inside your smart locker.

Have your laundry pick up and delivered 24/7

These community smart lockers also have tie-ups with reliable laundromats, so there’s no need to walk, ride, or drive just to have your laundry done. By simply leaving your laundry basket inside your designated locker, send the barcode or OTP secured code to your partner laundromat. After that, they can already pick up your laundry basket and return back the clean clothes on the same locker. You don’t have to worry about leaving your kids and work at home and being exposed to unwanted elements outside.

No more loss or return-to-sender parcels and cargoes

Have you ever experienced lost or return-to-sender parcels and cargoes because no one is at home to receive them? That’s frustrating, right? With these smart lockers, you don’t have to chase the time and the courier’s schedule because using the barcode or OTP secured code sent to your mobile phone, these courier services or cargo freight companies can already leave your valuables safe and secured inside these smart lockers.

Leave your luggage and travel in comfort

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is good news for travelers and traders because once the pandemic is over. The QUBE 24/7 Smart Locker System will be available in major airports, BPOs, hospitals, and probably in train stations, including the first-ever subway train of the Philippines currently under construction in Metro Manila.

Affordable, secured, and located in different communities

For as low as P30, you can already experience the benefit of using the first community smart locker in the Philippines with 24/7 CCTV for the safety of customers, delivery staff, and their stored items. These smart lockers are now located and serving communities in Makati, Taguig, Manila, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City. For the exact location, please visit the QUBE 24/7 Facebook page.

Despite the emergence of the Delta COVID variant, which unfortunately has again placed the Philippines under heightened border controls and community quarantine, there are still innovative Filipino entrepreneurs willing to disrupt the new norm and help us navigate this new normal. These lockers, which we ordinarily use at the workplace or gym, may soon become part of our daily lifestyle.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is a vlogger who loves to travel and share his experiences on his YouTube channel “The Wayner.” R-Wayne is also an advocate of heritage conservation, environmental protection, animal welfare, and a certified HR professional.

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