The power of discernment

The power of discernment

Discernment is a gift and because it is one, there exists power. The Bible tells us in the book of Corinthians that discernment is the ability to understand or know something through the spirit. This includes the capability to perceive the true character of people as well as their sources. It has been said that when the gift of discernment has not been exercised, distortion of the truth occurs. Discernment enables us all to make correct judgements through the practical application of knowledge. King Solomon requested for the gift of discernment and it pleased God so much that He not only gave Solomon a wise and discerning heart but also all the other things he did not ask for.

On the other hand, in the New Testament, St. Paul prayed that believers would have as well as apply the spirit of discernment in order to gain what is best, apart from what is just good or acceptable. In life we learn that it is quick for us to be deceived if we are not grounded on truth and walking in wisdom gives evidence to our lives by the fruit of our discernment. There are many things in life that we pray for and we are told by faith we will receive all that we asked if such things are aligned by proper motives. But how can one tell if he or she has the gift of discernment?

In the first place, not everyone has this gift and not everyone may actually tell a tiny bit of error from complete falsehood. Someone with discernment must be able to distinguish good from evil and such powers come from diligent use. Experience teaches us many things and that is why in each and every one, we must learn.

Sometimes, discernment gets a bad rap but whether we like it or not, we need to practice it. One of the ways we grow our ability to discern is in the way we deal with others. Those who have the gift of discernment recognize truth and goodness wherever they find it. We are confronted everyday by truth and falsehood but with the power to discern, we are given extra insight and clarity. I hate to point it out to the impatient but here’s the real deal when it comes to exercising discernment – we need to practice patience. Because you see clearly, you’ll want to put it out there as quickly as possible. However, things may take time and you will have to remember that you belong to the bigger picture of things other than yourself.

Discernment is a very essential gift – it is an internal detection system that, when applied, can help us recognize certain things and be on guard. Discernment helps us to make inspired choices, especially when some choices in life require prayer and consideration. So what exactly is the process when it comes to discernment?

First, one must be fully aware of what is going on within us as well as outside of us. Second, one must possess understanding in order to know the right direction and last, one must take action. Listening to your heart, evaluating with your mind and bringing God into the process give us the confidence we need in finding the desires that have been set within us, making it in turn become a part of your life’s purpose.

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