The re-invention of Jo Soliman

It has been said that crisis reveals character, which means that it is in the most difficult of times when we can distinguish between purity of heart and mind as against those who are only after fame and fortune.

The global health calamity known as Covid-19 has brought in an amalgam of hero attributes amid devastating death in millions and the almost near-collapse of our economic universe.

This pandemic has so altered our daily way of life that a re-invention of our being was a necessary first step that was done by those who courageously saw positivity, light and opportunity amid a sea of tragedy.

Jomerito “Jojo” Soliman, CEO and visionary of Pure Group of Companies, is one such hero in the midst of this crisis. From day one until this very day, he has been as relentless as ever in pursuing all means possible not just to keep enterprise in solid footing, but in also offering his entire being in making sure that he is part of those who are shouldering the woes of our nation and its citizens.

In a time when he could have just escaped in a safe haven, he risked almost everything just to participate and rolled up his sleeves for the most difficult task of addressing the pandemic in a country that is very much ill-equipped to handle an adversity of such magnitude, and which has poor public health infrastructure.

In re-inventing himself, Jo Soliman gave everything in the field where it most mattered — in public health.

He fast-tracked the setup and immediate production and distribution of face masks and PPEs, while also facilitating the urgent importation of COVID-19 medicines and remedies which were in demand.

He was also a steady hand during the critical hours and days, which he extended to the government by way of providing needed equipment like refrigerated containers, ambulances, first aid kits, oxygen, regulators, and others.

More importantly, he played a very significant but silent role in the establishment of the One Hospital Command Center, which served as the vital link between the citizens and our government in quickly rendering medical assistance to those who needed it most.

All these endeavors are life-saving measures, which if we are to grasp its impact among our peers, friends and family, we should really appreciate and be grateful that there are indeed heroes like Jo Soliman, who gave genuine meaning to the value of life itself.

Is that all? No. Time and again, Jo Soliman never wavered, and never abandoned his faith and trust in our country, despite the difficulties poised by a broken and inferior system and culture, and in spite of the mudslinging and character assassination against his persona.

His faith can be gleaned by his submission to our legal and judicial process, where he has already hurdled most of the obstacles that confronted him, where he was cleared of all legal stumbling blocks.

His trust in this country and in our government is fully evident in his past, present and future investments and endeavors.

To date, he has consolidated and re-aligned his P25-billion assets here and abroad, and pruned his liabilities to a more manageable and equitable level of around P2-B, in order to be more competitive, leveraged and at the same time, maintain his reliability as a solid partner of government in addressing the socio-economic needs of our people.

He has set his sights on fully developing his P5-billion agro-industrial complex in Bulacan, which is known as the Malolos Medium Industrial Corporation, where he plans to fully engage and participate not just in his expertise — rice production and distribution — but also in the entire food production cycle, including poultry, meat, fish and aquafarming, including cold storage, and also produce (fruits and vegetables).

This initiative will enable him to provide jobs to about 2,000 of our fellow Filipinos, plus the subsequent basket retail and trade economy that will surround the complex.

And because his vision is not just in providing work and employment opportunities, Jo Soliman also wants the worker and his family to feel an improvement in their overall quality of life. Thus, he has undertaken the development of “Balayong,” an affordable, medium-scale but modern and Japanese themed Cherry Blossom (Balayong in Tagalog) housing subdivision. He is doing this because for Jo Soliman, home will always be where the heart is, and that is his gift to the people — to make them at home and at peace while savoring progress. For him, it is a manifestation of his care and desire to uphold the welfare of the Filipino.

Finally, he will also immerse himself in transportation and mobility, wherein he is embarking on giving our countrymen an alternative to Grab and Angkas with his Pureride TNVS, whose application has been submitted and is now under review by the LTFRB. He is also investing in the petroleum retail sector, under his Pure Fuel gas station franchise, of which the first station is now being built in the Malolos complex.

Abroad, he has a massive venture in Papua New Guinea, United States, Europe in which he has committed to assist their governments in agricultural development and food security. These are testament to his purity of heart, because his generosity and charity knows no bounds.

And speaking of the welfare of his fellow men, Jo Soliman truly values life, no matter the face, the race, religion or ethnicity, or even his / her politics. To him, every human life is worth saving, and every human life deserves to have an opportunity to be better. Thus, his Pure Force and Rescue Corp. and his beloved Rosita Soliman Foundation through RAHA Volunteers Fire Department continue to be most active, and never hesitate to extend life-saving endeavors. They are an intrinsic part of Jo Soliman, and these two organizations are his heart and soul. Because without them, he is nothing.

To date, COVID still hovers around, hanging like the sword of Damocles in our midst, palpable and ever threatening. But we are most thankful that there are heroes like Jo Soliman, whom we trust will be there for us in the dire hour of our need. His is the character we desperately need in a crisis. Because he truly believes in the dignity of our life.

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