The show must go on for Jake Zyrus

The singer, who is currently in the US for a series of shows, lost his mother and uncle only three days apart. FACEBOOK PHOTO/JAKE ZYRUS

The singer, who is currently in the US for a series of shows, lost his mother and uncle only three days apart. FACEBOOK PHOTO/JAKE ZYRUS

A twin tragedy had struck the family of Jake Zyrus during the first week of this month.

It was on the third day of April when his grandmother Teopista (or Lola Tess) never awakened in the house in Lopez, Quezon where she had chosen to stay.

According to Jake's mother Raquel, the restless elderly — who was suffering from near-dementia — used to be with her but would always sneak out of the house.

Raquel was hoping that Jake — who's currently in the US for a series of shows — would get wind of the sad news as she badly needed financial help.

Still reeling from the problem, Raquel had to face another tragedy. Her brother Roberto — who was taking care of Nanay Tess — perished in a motorcycle accident three days later.

Tess didn't live to celebrate her 75th birthday last April 7. Instead, Raquel held a padasal in her honor.

Through his manager Carl Cabral, Jake wanted his mom to know that he was mourning the twin death in the family.

Raquel, however, wouldn't buy the crap. In a furious tone, Raquel couldn't understand why there was no “paramdam” on Jake's part. Let's get real, the paramdam that Raquel was expecting from Jake was the money he could have sent via remittance. Raquel was honest enough to say she had meager means to shoulder the funeral expenses.

Luckily, she was able to shore up the money through donations from friends abroad, former workmates, Tess' kin and even from fan clubs which were then in support of Charice Pempengco. Finally, Raquel only had to produce P10,000 to cover the total expenses amounting to P86,000.

Because of this, Raquel simply bargained for Jake's physical presence before Tess' cremated remains would be laid to rest, “Makita man lang ang lola niya sa huling sandali.”

She had to extend the wake until April 10, Sunday hoping against hope that Jake would surface. Sadly yet expectedly, no Jake Zyrus came home to catch a last glimpse of his granny.

Understandably, Jake couldn't sacrifice his show in the US simply because it was a commitment he was duty-bound to fulfill lest he as well as his manager would face a lawsuit from the producer.

But again, Jake could have remedied the situation. If money was the problem, then he could have had it easily sent. Raquel should know this as she was in most instances a party to her then-daughter's business transactions as well as shows abroad. She knows exactly what the oft-repeated “the show must go on” line means as far as any professional artist is concerned.

For all Raquel knows, Jake may not be in his best element during his performance.

His spiels presumably spoke about her personal loss, and how it doubly pained him that he could not come home and join his family in their grieving moments.

Jake, for everybody's enlightenment, has a lot to thank her Lola Tess for.

Back when he was still Charice, it was Tess who sewed the dresses she wore at the amateur singing contests.

If we may be straight to the point, Charice was closer to her lola than she is to Raquel. At one point, it was reported that Raquel had disowned Jake. Although she vehemently denied it, Jake's camp was inclined to believe it.

Yes, it's true that Tess resented Jake's transformation, but theirs was a strife not as distasteful as Tess and Raquel's share of bickering in the past.

After every hurtful word has been said, let's just pray that time heals all wounds between Raquel and Jake.

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