The year I wrote everything

I am an adventurous person who puts a premium on high quality and personal conversations, but when I had nowhere to explore aside from my home and no one to physically converse with, I wrote everything.

Skimming through my almost-tattered 2020 journal, I must say the year has been both amusing and terrifying.

The line was blurred between news and obituary as piled-up deaths became the new normal. People became numb with heartbreak and disappointment seeing that we are far from reaching the end of the tunnel.

No one wanted to become a hero anymore because heroes these days are underpaid and overworked. And when each of us needs the warmth of a hug or a pint of intimacy, the only surface we can touch is a phone screen.

But being a glass-half-full kind of person, I never allowed my journal to be filled with melancholic thoughts.

The year was also a victorious one for many. Wedding bells rang and new members of the family were formed. To top it all, we were able to understand our families more as we spent more time with them even if it was just exploring a new hobby or watching the trending Netflix film.

In 2020, I had time to think and came to love myself more. I realized that when we were out there, our perception of ourselves relied much on how we socialized with other people. It was hard to get a genuine look at who we truly are until we had no choice but to be with ourselves.

I had to go through countless times of self-hatred and to unlearn unbalanced selflessness just to love myself more. But with the grace of our Eternal Savior, I am now in the pursuit of authentic happiness that comes from within.

This new year, abandon the “hope for the best” mentality and be better yourself. Because in this life, the only thing that we can control is how we react to things that come, be they light or heavy downpour.

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