This summer, bright lips are in

This summer, bright lips are in

Reminiscent of both beach and desert, Hermès’ spring/summer 2021 collection of Rouge Hermès lipsticks feature pops of vibrant color contrasted with warm desert tones all in satin textures that feel creamy and nourishing on the lips.

The three limited-edition shades include Rose Oasis, a bright bougainvillea pink; Corail Aqua (Aqua Coral), an intense orange with pink, red and blue undertones; and Beige Ebloui (Dazzled Beige), a balance of pink and sandy tan so deft it is the perfect nude you can wear every day. I think this will look so flattering on all Pinoy skin tones and it even makes lips look fuller.

The duo-color lipstick tubes in summery yellow, orange and aqua are also beautiful and highly collectible Hermès accessories, and the concave emblem on one end is so tactile I love running my thumb over it. And don’t forget, these tubes are sustainable because they’re refillable.

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The collection is exclusively available at Hermès Rustan’s Makati.

Skincare that’s 170 years good

Scent-sory journeys: Les Eaux De Chanel’s Paris-Édimbourg and limited-edition Bleu De Chanel shaving set

Hard to believe Kiehl’s is 170 years old, but when you start as a family apothecary in 1851 and almost two centuries later are still thriving as one of the top skincare companies in the world, that says a lot about the quality and effectiveness of your products and how beloved they are.

Kiehl’s arrived in the Philippines 15 years ago, and Pinoys fell in love not only with iconic products like the super-soothing Calendula Herbal-Extract toner and skin-hangover cure Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but also Kiehl’s unique brand of personalized service and knowledgeable product recommendations.

To celebrate its 170-year anniversary, Kiehl’s is offering these heritage icons in stunning, limited-edition white-and-gold packaging, super-saver bundles and free shipping nationwide. On May 27, Kiehl’s Super Brand Day at LazMall, these sets will include up to P4,000 worth of gifts. Simply preorder the exclusive set of your choice on Lazada (do you want clear, glowy or young skin?), add to cart, then check out tomorrow and enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent plus a whole slew of limited-edition gifts like a heritage tote bag and mystery box of favorites.

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The anniversary sets are available for preordering now at the Kiehl’s store on LazMall. For more info, visit www.kiehl’

Sunscreen that protects you from 5 kinds of pollution

Clarins, one of the pioneers in anti-pollution skincare, just leveled up its UV Plus sunscreen to “5P,” which means it protects you from five different kinds of pollution: atmospheric, indoor (smoke from cooking and candles), photo (the sun’s rays), blue light (from TV and all our devices), and now even pollen.

Pam Aguirre, Clarins’ education manager in the Philippines, says that 92 percent of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution levels exceeded what the World Health Organization would categorize as healthy. “Our skin is constantly under attack, so Clarins UV Plus 5P Anti-Pollution, powered by organic mango leaf extract, not only fights against the damage of five different sources of pollution, it also gives you fairer, healthy and youthful-looking skin.”

Urban warrior: Clarins UV Plus 5P Anti-Pollution sunscreen hydrates as well as protects.

Clarins sources its organic mango leaf extract from Madagascar, where they practice organic farming and it’s Fair Trade-certified. “It’s harvested by hand, so we give this community livelihood,” notes Aguirre.

Clarins combines this main active with a high SPF and its Anti-Pollution Complex, made of three different plant extracts high in antioxidant benefits. “We have three pluses, which is just perfect for city defense,” Aguirre says.

Clarins conducted tests to make sure UV Plus was really effective against the five sources of pollution, and saw that it reduced aging photo-pollution damage by 100 percent, atmospheric and indoor pollution damage by 66 percent, pollen damage by 57 percent, and blue-light damage by 55 percent, giving your skin self-defense power of +85 percent.

The lightweight, waterproof gel sunscreen also has skincare benefits: it provides long-lasting hydration, is oil- and alcohol-free, and comes in three variants: Translucent for no white residue and instant radiance; Rose for an immediate rosy glow; and Lavender to correct yellow skin tones and brighten skin.

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Clarins is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

Skincare icons: Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract toner and Midnight Recovery Concentrate in their 170thanniversary packaging.

A scent inspired by a scottish affair

In 2018, Chanel introduced a new olfactory world to the fragrances of the house, Les Eaux De Chanel: a collection inspired by Coco Chanel’s favorite places, fueled by the imagination and composed around freshness.

In the wake of the scents Paris-Biarritz, Paris-Deauville, Paris-Venise and Paris-Riviera in 2019, Olivier Polge, in cooperation with the Chanel Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development, has created a fifth olfactory journey: Paris-Édimbourg, inspired by Coco Chanel’s adventures through Scotland when she had an affair with the Duke of Westminster in the mid-1920s.

With its aromatic notes of juniper berry and cypress, accompanied by warm tones of cedar and vetiver, Paris-Édimbourg is like a plunge into the wild Scottish countryside. “Both fresh and woody, Paris-Édimbourg could be the fragrance of a tweed jacket borrowed from the men’s wardrobe that was such an inspiration to Gabrielle Chanel,” Polge said.

Meanwhile, Chanel’s masculine fragrance Bleu De Chanel, which became an icon after 10 years, is putting its unique signature on a travel-friendly body spray and a limited-edition shaving set.

Bleu De Chanel All-Over Spray offers a portable alternative to traditional fragrance. Misted onto the body or clothing, it reveals the ultra-fresh side of the line.

Since shaving is a daily routine for 70 percent of men, Chanel offers a grooming companion in the Bleu De Chanel shaving set, comprised of a shaving cream, shaving brush and travel pouch. The clear texture of the shaving cream allows you to see exactly where your blade is placed for a controlled line. The synthetic-bristled shaving brush ensures smooth and effortless application, while its magnetic stand provides easy access to the grip. The kit includes a felt toiletry bag in navy blue — the “other” color of chic, according to Coco Chanel.

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Chanel is available exclusively at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

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