This wellness village offers a personalized detoxification program

This is a much-needed pampering you deserve

RELAXING AND PEACEFUL in Nurture Wellness Spa, visitors are encouraged to put their phones on silent mode

Taal volcano eruption. Pandemic. Lockdown. War. Oil price hike. Election season.

The past couple of years have been challenging to all of us and is still challenging up to these days. Maybe, the only difference now is we are no longer confined in our homes and with that, even for just a while, we can have a short travel adventure to detoxify and take a break from all that is happening.

Welcome to the Nurture Village

If you are looking for a short escape that would rejuvenate your tired body and soul, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle has tried a short but sweet break at the Nurture Wellness Village, located in Tagaytay City.

This award-winning wellness spa offers detoxification programs depending on one’s needs. Surrounded with luscious greeneries, this destination is boasting their ecotherapy approach while maintaining pure Filipino approach for all of their services, from spa down to the food they serve.

The journey

To help you in your quest for optimum health, Nurture Wellness Village, under the supervision of Dr. Sam Dizon, MD, offers a combination of ancient healing treatments seamlessly combined with state-of-the-art wellness technology. Their wellbeing packages consist of tested methods healthier including aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture and hydrotherapy, hand in hand with modern technology including the latest in health assessment systems: the DMS (Digital Meridian Systems), their noninvasive electro therapy programs: Biomat, TENS (Transcutaneous Electronerve Stimulator), and Pyro-energen.

The DMS or Digital Meridian System is a computerized system which provides a very quick diagnosis of the current health of the various organs in your body. The DMS also provides directions as to specific treatments that would be customized for you, as necessary. Apart from these, they also have Charcoal Wrap services. It absorbs toxins from the skin and is used in conjunction with the Biomat which consists of mineral stones which when heated emit healing energies to improve the immune systems and balance energies. TENS softens tight muscles and regenerates cellular systems, while, Pyroenergen helps to boost immune systems and serves to energize the body.

On top of these, part of the program also includes wellness talk, meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling to help you access your situation, look back and learn from all the experiences, and lastly, create a plan on how you want to approach the future.

In a conversation, owner Cathy Turvill tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that guests need to book online in advance prior to visiting the place to make sure that the program that will offered to them are curated and personalized. The establishment also welcomes groups and family who want to enjoy the journey of detoxification programs together.

As if all these services are not yet enough, the food that is being serve throughout the program is also curated to help you detoxify—it means eating healthy food that has a farm-to-table sustainable approach. And lastly, to make you fully equipped to making healthier choices, you will also be trained to make healthy juices that you can do at home.

Since this is a wellness spa, guests are requested to put their mobile devices to silent mode and keep the noise to minimum level to make sure everyone will enjoy and appreciate the tranquility of the place. Also, smoking is strictly prohibited.

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