Thoughts to guide us by Corruption cripples

Thoughts to guide us by Corruption cripples

Corruption destroys the moral fabric not just of a person, but of the whole nation. If allowed to run scot-free, it is a bad influence on the citizenry, particularly the youth. It mparts devastation on the whole country as stolen funds can finance urgent needs of the citizenry – subsidies, vaccines, hospitals, decent salaries for our heroic health workers.

Corruption unjustly exacts a heavy toll on present and future generations in the form of higher taxes for crimes committed by others. It causes grave damage to the whole populace, as it

increases in magnitude when done over and over again.

Corrupt acts repeatedly committed by government officials sworn to protect people’s interests can trigger deep-seated, seething anger among the people and can whip up a political storm owing to the swirl of lies to cover up corrupt acts committed.

Corrupt persons lose their freedom. They are completely entangled in the endless web of lies they resort to. Truth is so precious it is attended by a circle of bodyguards of lies. However, no one can cheat on his/her conscience… only Truth can set one free!

Peace, good health, safety and abundance to us all!

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