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Three cattle breeds that produce a lot of milk


Salvador Daryl Buban and Rosel Buban manage Dream Nature Farm in Pagsanjan, Laguna, where they raise cows and carabaos that produce milk and dairy products.

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“Our cows and carabaos were grassfed. My husband harvested them from our own farm,” Rosel said. (Dream Nature Farm/Rosel Buban)

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Here are three breeds that, in their experience, produce a lot of milk:


Holstein-Friesian produces an average of 22 kilograms of milk per day, which makes them the highest milk producers in the world, with an average of 3.6 percent butterfat, which gives dairy products like milk, cream, and butter their rich taste and texture. It is large in size with black and white spotted markings. And their normal productive life is six years, which is lower compared to other cattle breeds.


The Jersey cow is the second largest breed of dairy cattle in the world. Aside from their large production of milk, they are also known for their milk’s quality, which is rich in protein, minerals, and trace elements. Also, they can adapt to many kinds of climates, environments, and management practices.

Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss cows are good, permanent milk producers. This is a dual purpose breed that is bred for both meat and milk. This breed has double utility as they are used for dairy and beef purposes, providing good milk and meat output. Their milk consists of protein and butterfat. The volume of milk plus the protein produced by Brown Swiss makes the best milk for the fluid and cheese markets.

Photo courtesy of Dream Nature Farm

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