Through a knothole: What awaits us

BILLIONAIRES have taken interest on space tourism.

As some countries have started to open up their borders, we hope to commence travelling, someday soon. But it seems there is a brand-new world out there.

Are we geared up for it?

DIY Covid tests are key.

The standard RT-PCR tests are expensive, most specially since tourists need more than one per head, multiplied for a multi-destination holiday. All these come out at significant additional costs.

Perhaps enter DIY antigen tests, which are accessible through convenience stores, easier to administer and are far cheaper.

Another choice are the saliva test kits, which appear to be gaining favor for being painless and more affordable.

Cryptocurrency may play an integral role.

DIGITAL currency is slowly gaining ground in the country.

Though most Old Guards refuse to understand cryptocurrency, travel agents have begun to accept and utilize this contactless payment method for convenience. It lessens charges on currency conversion and transaction fees. Remember the fear of losing cash or even Traveler’s Cheques on past trips before the hassle-free advent of credit cards? Perhaps it is only a matter of time until we adopt this new payment option.

Video game destinations are gaining ground.

In the technological world, video games have gained favor among the techie population as a form of entertainment throughout the pandemic. It has since evolved into a pastime that has inspired many gamers to explore and discover the settings which have inspired their favorite games. Thus, expect more tourists to visit real-life venues.

Space tourism?

For the mega rich, the last frontier is outer space! The spotlight is on the recent expeditions of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson. They have entertained the idea of organizing and sending off tourists to the galaxy.

The race is truly on! However, the most important factor to consider is its sustainability and carbon footprint — we may have unlocked a brand-new tourism angle, but at what cost?

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