TikTokers invade realm of beauty

Perfect Formula CEO Ehderly Garcia (center)with mother-daughter TikTokers Russel andKianna Duntugan.

TIKTOKERS are a dime a dozen as are skin care products in the market they are handpicked to endorse. Their fame on this social platform is the basic reason why they have gained the trust and confidence of business owners looking for ways to sell their products in an otherwise discriminating market.

Take the case of mother and daughter tandem of TikTokers Russel and Kianna Duntugan who are making waves on the net.

For the record, Russel, carrying the TikTok name of @russel.an, currently has 7.3M followers, while her daughter Kiana, with the account name @kianaa.d, has 1.6M followers to boot.

These popular internet sensations trace their roots to Baguio City. Russel humbly confessed that she was just a simple mom to Kia (Kianna's pet name), now 18 years old, until they discovered TikTok. This is where they started documenting their antics and funny moments.

Russel's husband works as a seaman who supports the TikTok journey of his wife and daughter.

Apparently, the number of their followers which are increasing every single day by thousands means a lot to business leaders who used to rely on popular mainstream celebrities to promote their products.

This catches the attention of online business owner Ehderly Garcia or Ms. Shed for short. Ms. Shed is the CEO of Perfect Formula, a skin care product launched July last year. Perfect Formula was established because Ms. Shed wanted to create a scientific concoction that would address every skin problem of all skin types.

The TikTok tandem of Russel and Kiana and their funny videos got the nod of Ms. Shed and subsequently signed them up to become the endorsers of Perfect Formula.

The videos of Russel and Kianna on TikTok strike the attention of countless viewers who have easily become clients themselves.

Russel and Kianna are grateful to Ms. Shed of Perfect Formula for treating them like family as they look forward to helping its owner grow by leaps and bounds.

“It's always nice to be part of a fledgling company as we see it expand. Its success is definitely our success, too,” the mother and daughter express in unison.

As of now, Perfect Formula has already established three international, six regional and 25 provincial business partners; as well as 40 provincial, 113 district distributors, 472 city, 31 municipal distributors, and eight sub-city distributors.

“We will continue to innovate to give confidence and help everyone achieve their goals of having a glowing skin. Because we believe that having good skin care will reveal the real beauty in you,” said Ms. Shed.

One of the topselling products of Perfect Formula is the filter-free exfoliating facial set followed by extra-strength filter-free exfoliating facial set, berry perfect face and body beauty soap, and the filter-free sun shield gel-cream 50gms.

Mary Ann Cabiao, a user of Perfect Formula product, attests, “No worries kahit sobrang init dahil may sun shield gel-cream naman ang Perfect Formula. Iwas sunog sa skin and protected talaga all day. It's super lightweight and non-sticky.”

Abigail Guardian, another regular user of the said product says, “Sabi nila, ang babae gumaganda kapag nasasaktan pero with Perfect Formula mild version, gaganda ka nang hindi nasasaktan.”

Aren't these honest-to-goodness testimonials enough to win your trust in the products? It's worth the try!

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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