Tints and powders for the unique, imperfect human

THIS line of skin tints with sunscreen purports to ‘reveal,’ not ‘conceal’: Stephen wears beech FN2 and Laura, Brulee DO4.

Staying true to its brand ethos, formulating uncomplicated beauty must-haves that are easy to use, accessible and uncomplicated, Issy & Co. aims to make skincare and beauty to be a norm for everyone, regardless of age, gender preference, skin tone or lifestyle.

Its latest collection — the brand’s first drop this year — is another step towards this movement. “Our message has always been this: self-care is universal,” says Joel Andrade, Issy & Co. creative director. “We want every shade and skin type represented.”

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here: Issy & Co. unveils Skin on the Go, a tandem collection featuring the Active Skin Tint and Weightless Loose Powder. “Our newest collection is all about enhancing what makes you unique and what makes you, you,” Andrade shares. “Rather than covering you up, our intention isn’t to hide imperfections, because it’s the differences that make you stand out.”


So, is it makeup? Is it skincare? Skin on the Go offers the best of both, inspired by the new beauty revolution called skinimalism. It’s the new-generation approach to beauty, which does away with multi-step routines, ingredients that intimidate, and products that only a few can afford. Because if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s decluttering and making room only for what’s essential.

Skin on the Go’s hybrid products can do more, so you can achieve more, with less. “It’s all about a renewed and uncomplicated approach to beauty, with a focus on the key ingredients that are hard-working, active, and beneficial to the skin,” explains Andrade.

Not vanity, but self-care

The Active Skin Tint, an oil-free, tinted moisturizer with niacinamide ticks all the right boxes: it’s infused with niacinamide, which improves skin texture and controls sebum; glycerin, a hydration-heavy and skin-restoring ingredient; and squalene, a power ingredient that’s rich in antioxidants and moisturizes like a dream. It contains a Broad Spectrum UVB/UVA SPF 35 sunscreen, too, because if there’s anything Issy & Co. wants its users to remember, it’s that “it’s a mortal sin to forget SPF!” stresses Andrade.

Available in six adaptable shades — Vanillé, Fawn, Beech, Hazel, Sienna, and Brûlée, the Active Skin Tint line is designed to be used on its own, or can be mixed together to achieve a personalized color that suits your skin best. “We don’t classify the Filipino skin tone as just light, medium, or dark,” says Andrade. “To group together skin tones in just three general categories leaves out other important details, such as undertones, which we think is a real disservice to our customers and goes against our goal to be inclusive.”

The six adaptable shades allow you to go deeper or lighter, without looking unflattering. Priced at P499, it’s a steal for all its non-comedogenic, power-packed, active ingredients.

The Weightless Loose Powder is a talc-free, finely-milled loose powder, for camera-ready skin. It eliminates shine and blurs imperfections, without the heavy, cake-y finish that feels too made up.

“We felt strongly about offering a talc-free formula, because talc can irritate sensitive skin and can even cause complications when inhaled,” points out Andrade. “We want our product to give users the choice to use skincare products that’s actually good for them.”

Instead of shades, the powder comes in three different finishes. The Illuminating finish has diamond powder that reflects light back on the face and is great for darker areas that need a bit of a lift, such as the area under eyes, because of its light-reflecting particles. The Translucent finish contains vitamin E, a non-drying ingredient that results in a smooth, velvety finish, ideal for normal to dry skin types; while the Mattifying finish is oil-absorbing, which gives a demi-matte, satin-textured skin, best for people with combination and oily skin.

Issy & Co. goes through all the hard work behind the scenes to ensure its finished product is well thought out, and most of all, gets the job done. Priced at only P349, the Weightless Loose Powder comes in an ergonomically designed case that ensures no spills, a small mirror on its cap, and a trampoline mesh which adds another sifting layer to give you the finest powder.

“Skin on the Go isn’t about vanity, but self-care, and everyone needs that,” concludes Andrade. “Skinimalism goes back to an appreciation of what’s natural — skin texture, visible pores, and imperfections — because these are all a part of you! And so we came up with products to celebrate that.”

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