Trendier ‘no hole’ CopperMask offers better two-way protection

The trending and in-demand mask that was dubbed as the “Mask of the Stars” beefed up its campaign in the fight against the coronavirus disease anew by introducing a “No Hole” version.

The ramped up design aims to better protect the public by not only blocking off harmful droplets from an infected individual as it was designed to, but now includes enclosed non-woven fabric filters to catch droplets from the user’s nasal and oral passage ways while filtering the air each time the user breathes.

It was noted that when the pandemic struck the country early last year, people were looking for ways to better protect themselves from infected individuals, mostly in close contact from either coughing or sneezing.

At that time, CopperMask was introduced and gained rapid popularity among the general public, as it is found to be both functional and fashionable.

Functional yet revolutionary in a sense that the mask is made of Copper film with millions of infused copper strands helping protect the user, blocking off 100% infectious droplets which may touch the user’s nasal and oral passage ways, and protecting others as well.

Aside from the notable benefits of infused copper strands and copper film materials used, the one thing that made it even more popular to the general public, is its patented geometric shape design, that came with a wide variety of colors to choose from, making this mask fashionable and eventually the face protection of choice among celebrities and influencers.

The redesigned CopperMask is now available in its black and white series that includes the “enclosed, no hole protection filters,” along with a validation card to ensure customers that they purchased the original mask.

Coping with the demand for more color options, CopperMask ‘No Hole’ version released last 20 March three more exciting shades to choose from in the tone of beige, sky blue and cool gray, giving more freedom for one to express himself while being fashionably protected.

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