Turn ‘languishing’ into ‘flourishing’ with good food and company

photograph courtesy of Mekeni Food Corporation Mekeni Tapa and Onions and Nuggets.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Filipinos’ mental, physical and emotional well-being. Now that there’s a spike in Delta variant cases in the country, many of us are understandably feeling anxious.

With all that’s happening around us, everyone can feel that dull and numb emotion that the New York Times has identified as “languishing.” This sense of stagnation, purposelessness and aimlessness is pandemic-fueled and has been a dominant emotion amongst Filipinos these days.

However, as there is the yang to yin and white to black, “languishing” has an opposite called “flourishing.” This is the sense of balance, purpose, fulfillment and an all-encompassing notion of well-being we all aspire to have. But the question is: how can we achieve it?

Experts believe that one of the ways we can overcome it has something to do with our culture — our love for food and connection.

Food connects us all, even while we are socially distanced

While the pandemic puts us at risk of falling deeply into languishing, our love language, which involves food, can provide us a sense of connection and peace in these trying times. As we ask “Kumain ka na ba?” to our peers and loved ones even while we are physically distant, we get to show how much we care about our social circle and our effort to reconnect with family and friends as much as possible.

Finding purpose in daily routines such as cooking

Whether it be preparing their favorite silog meals or trying out a new, creative dish, cooking for the family can definitely make you feel good about doing something positive for your loved ones. And what can make a breakfast, lunch or dinner feast even more special? It’s using quality and flavorful products!

In this season and for this reason, Mekeni Food Corporation is able to show its commitment to providing quality food products to Filipino families amid the pandemic. From its sweet blend Classic Sweet Tocino and Tamis-Alat Tocino, to its healthier longganisa alternative, Mekeni Gluten-Free Chicken Longanisa; savory and tender beef tapa; and all-time favorite chicken nuggets, Mekeni continues to offer elevated flavors in the typical delicacies that everyone in the family loves.

Taking pleasure in life’s simplest moments, like sharing a meal

Being cooped at home and not being able to socialize physically can be frustrating. However, achieving mental wellness is not about dwelling in things that baffle us. It is in noticing the good things around us like sharing a simple meal with our loved ones at home! Simple moments like these are worthy to be savored and acknowledged.

Turning “languishing” into “flourishing” is all about rediscovering ways to experience joy in the usual things we do like offering great food and sharing it with our loved ones. So if you’re feeling like languishing is knocking at your door, we say, “Mangan tana!” (Let’s eat!), and fill our tummies with sumptuous meals and our hearts with the warmth of connection that food creates.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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