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Unbothered amid latest controversy

BILLY Crawford manages to keep an unbothered stance amidst talks that he allegedly was — and still is — hooked on drugs. Well, just because he's sporting a lean, lanky body. The 41-year-old TV host-actor admits though he was once a brew-hound. That, he says, explained why he weighed 235 lbs.

“Yes, I was an alcoholic before. But I've not been drinking for the past six years. It's zero alcohol now,” Billy who's now a 140-pounder swears.

Billy Crawford manages to keep an unbothered stance amidst talks that he allegedly was — and still is — hooked on drugs. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/BILLYCRAWFORD

Talks about him doing drugs still hound him to this day, “That was most especially when I competed in Dance With the Stars (in France where he and his partner won grand prize) until now.

Believe it or now, never have I tried drugs even once,” says Billy who admits to getting annoyed, “some people simply won't stop saying it.”

Good thing, he doesn't let it drag him down.

He also credits his wife Coleen Garcia for knowing him full well, “She just lets those 'tsismis' pass her by.”

Billy, in fact, has become more health-conscious albeit is not into tremendous exercise, “I watch my diet, I drink plenty of water. Perhaps, what made me lose weight is because our son Amari is kinda heavy. Coleen and I take turns in taking care of him.”

Furthermore, Billy proves he was no druggie “because had I been, it's either I would have ended in jail or I would have been dead!”

While nasty rumors about his predilection for illegal substance cream his corn, so to speak, “People can say whatever they want to say but as far as my family who knows me best is concerned, I'll remain unbothered.”

The fact that showbiz assignments come one after another is proof enough that Billy — unlike most actors that we know — lives a completely drug-free life.

* * *

GABBY Concepcion believes it's high time his daughter KC got hitched. After all, his unica hija with Sharon Cuneta is barely two years before she reaches 40.

In one of the actor's latest vlogs, Gabby had KC as his guest.

It was the 38-year-old “semi-retired” actress' opportunity to ask her dad certain questions related to her. No holds barred.

KC inquire, “Dad, what do you think should I do more and do less?”

Gabby answered, “The truth?” to which KC assuringly said, “Yes, I want to know the truth. You have my permission to tell me anything, promise it'll be taken well.”

Without mincing words, the still-dashing actor in his near 60s fired back: “I want you to do less traveling so that you can think of settling down more!”

Hardly did Gabby make KC feel he was prying into his daughter's private life. Neither did Gabby touch on KC's rumored Filipino-Swiss boyfriend.

“I get it! I think I should buy myself an engagement ring!” KC snapped.

FYI, not only can't Gabby wait to see KC get married but also Sharon who's itching to have a grandchild.

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