Update your travel bucket list this 2023: 7 trending destinations around the world

MANILA, Philippines — 2023 may just be the year that Filipinos will travel the world again, with more borders reopening and tourism quickly rebounding. These, along with confidence on health measures and vaccines’ effectiveness, Filipinos’ forgotten wanderlust and desire for adventure are finally awakening. And fast.

But after years of not traveling abroad, are we still updated with the top destinations around the world?

We’ve got everyone covered! Together with The Travel Corporation (TTC), which has been providing tourists with over 100 years of expertise in curating guided tours, we list some of the world’s best destinations—from trending ones to hidden gems!

And want to know something even more appealing and just plain awesome? You can book tours conveniently and securely via Trafalgar, Insight Vacations and Costsaver, three leading travel brands under TTC, that are offering 15% OFF* throughout their The Big Tour Sale!

So, wait no more and check this guide for your refreshed 2023 travel bucket list:

Highly-reviewed and rated itineraries from Trafalgar

With Trafalgar—having won the most innovative tour award—you can unlock the best of every destination as it offers itineraries with one-of-a-kind activities from must-see tourist spots to best-kept secrets. You also get to experience the way of life of the locals through the unique Be My Guest experience.

1. Egypt’s Ancient Pyramids

Ever wondered how magnificent the great pyramids of Giza look like in person? Well, this 9-Day Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise will answer all your questions—and so much more!

This tour also sets foot on the vast desert landscapes of Egypt, where you explore tombs and the Sphinx -while cruising down the Nile River admiring ancient temples and treasures. As an exclusive Be My Guest experience, The El Boerey family hosts you and your travel companions as they share stories about their life in a typical Luxor village. They also serve a local culinary tradition of warm mint tea and freshly baked local bread with honey.

View the entire itinerary, prices and how to book here.

2. Great Britain

Been dreaming of your ultimate English holiday? Now’s your chance to visit the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Ireland on Trafalgar’s ultimate 8-Day UK and Ireland Tour!

Trafalgar made this itinerary for those who are short on time but wish to see all the highlights of Britain and Ireland including the genius of Shakespeare, a hearty Welsh dinner Be My Guest, and more, in just over one week.

For the complete itinerary, prices and booking details, click here.

Premium comfort and dining with Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations, on the other hand, curates itineraries that let you get up close and personal with not just the attractions and but also the insights from each destination. Moreover, you can travel in style and in exclusivity with smaller size groups, coaches with ample leg rooms, and highly-rated hotels in excellent locations. Plus, it promises premium dining choices that will further excite and enrich your trip.

3. America’s Canyonlands

The US remains to be one of the most coveted destinations of Filipinos, especially when it comes to traveling and rewarding oneself. But with so many states to choose from, let us help you narrow down to that one place that will captivate you with natural beauty: the Grand Canyon.

In this 1-Week Guided Tour in the US, explore the enchanting Grand Canyon and Zion National Park—whether on ground via a 4×4 vehicle or on air aboard a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft! And because this is an Insight Vacations tour, you also get to meet a Local Expert who will share the history of this natural wonder.

You can see the complete itinerary, prices and booking details here.

4. Rural Switzerland

For many, Switzerland is a country known for its alpine mountains and delectable chocolates. The 2-Week Guided Tour of Rural Switzerland will surely encapsulate all these and so much more—making it an unforgettable experience for first-time visitors.

It goes to 19 cities including Zurich, Lucerne, Gruyères; and explores destinations such as Lake Geneva and St. Moritz, and even lets your board the Glacier Express!

View the entire itinerary, prices and how to book here.

5. Epic Italy

Where else can you have one of the most romantic holidays than in Italy, especially in the canals of Venice or the ruins of Rome? Insight Vacations knows this best and offers an Italian Intermezzo for an Epic 8-Day Guided Tour of Italy.

From Venice to Rome, you will visit a total of eight cities including Milan, Florence and Pisa. It also goes to famous sites like Lake Como and the Vatican City. Imagine dining in Pope’s garden, beneath the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica? Truly a fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime experience

Book your tour here and view the complete itinerary and prices.

The ultimate unpackaged tours by Costsaver

Promising flexibility, Costsaver is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the convenience of joining a tour group but wanting a bit of free and easy time. It covers travel essentials such as destinations and accommodation while providing options to tailor a dream trip. Costsaver’s over 1,000 Choice Optional Experiences make this possible.

6. Canadian Rockies

Go beyond Canada’s iconic cities and experience its picturesque Rockies! This destination is surely one for the books as it goes on a 10-Day Canadian Rockies Tour from Calgary to Vancouver.

With Costsaver, a range of experiences are available for your choosing: food tours, guided hikes, white water rafting, and immersion with Warrior Women, among others.

Check out all itinerary options, prices and booking details here.

7. French Riviera

Be like Emily in Paris and more with this 13-Day France and Monaco Tour that goes from Paris to Lyon and Normandy Beaches.

The extended French holiday promises to capture your heart as it features Paris, the City of Lights, at night, the French Riviera, a Châteaux excursion, a WWII history fix in Normandy, and so much more.

For complete list of Optional Experiences, the itinerary, prices and booking here.

The best guided tours in the world

With Trafalgar, Insight Vacations and Costsaver, you are getting – the best guided tours -by the world’s travel experts. Being globally recognized with WTTC Safe Travels Stamp, these travel brands also promise guaranteed departures, peace of mind, well-being and flexible booking terms.

And now, for a limited time only, enjoy 15% discount on a wide range of destinations with The Big Tour Sale! Book your trip now with Trafalgar, Insight Vacations and Costsaver

All that is left is for you to choose and tick off your 2023 travel bucket list!

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