Vicki Belo gets Pia Wurtzbach’s wedding beauty preps started

The wedding is on! Following her engagement to handsome businessman Jeremy Jauncey, the Philippines' beloved Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach declared in an online interview with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo that the big day will happen this 2023.

The bride- and groom-to-be are just looking into the perfect date and destination — the global trotters they both are — and will soon announce the exciting details.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Amid the search, however, the actress-model and top podcaster isn't wasting any time to begin her meticulous beauty preparations for the big day.

Even if she's already Pia Wurtzbach, she's just like any bride who is determined to look her most beautiful when she walks down the aisle to marry her forever.

Choosing Dr. Belo to be her partner in this department, the doctor to the stars, has opened Wurtzbach to the wonders of Belo Exosomes.

“This is the most advanced skin solution in the market today and signals Pia's meticulous preparations for her wedding,” the dermatologist and beauty expert says.

The Belo Exosomes treatment uses the revolutionary ASCE+ cell-signaling system that plays the role of skin-saving messengers that deliver information and instructions to regenerate cells, making it a breakthrough in anti-aging technology.

It is first brought to the country by the Belo Medical Group.

Available in all Belo clinics, Belo Exosomes is a topical or injected treatment that may be done as an add-on to a basic Belo facial or incorporated into RF micro-needling treatment for faster skin replenishment and regeneration.

Both ways, it delivers the nutrients that the skin knows and loves, namely, fibroblasts that secrete collagen, immune cells that improve skin healing and regeneration, hyaluronic acid for hydration, glutathione for skin brightening and other vitamins, minerals, peptides and growth factors that transform the body's outermost layer.

Dr. Vicki Belo and Pia Wurtzbach

Dr. Vicki Belo and Pia Wurtzbach

The result is an exponentially youthful and vibrant skin condition that Wurtzbach has already started to enjoy.

“I'm confident facing the world in my natural self and in my own skin,” she shares.

Veering from the curated, glamorous world of beauty pageants, Wurtzbach has continuously revealed her raw parts in the past several years.

From meaningful experiences with her family and personal time with her fiancé to off-duty barefaced moments while traveling or working out.

Indeed, being comfortable with your own skin is an X-factor in itself, and it's because of this outstanding trait that Belo has also named Wurtzbach as the face of its newest skin solution, Belo Exosomes.

The Belo and Pia Wurtzbach relationship is a collaboration that was always bound to happen—after all, why wouldn't the Philippines' premier beauty authority and this premier beauty queen come together?

Being “confidently beautiful” plays on both of these beauty behemoths' strengths, and with Belo Exosomes, they can empower more women to be like them.

Belo Exosomes is a progressive skin solution that continuously improves skin without the need for surgery or invasive procedures, helping the skin look visibly younger and healthier instantly and over time.

Likening the process to her athletic achievement, completing the New York City Marathon in November 2022, Wurtzbach says with a dazzling smile, “Belo Exosomes is like training for a marathon—it gets better and better the more you do it.”

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