VP-Secretary Sara urged to ‘act decisively’ against campus predators

An anti-abuse group urged Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte to “act decisively” against predators in schools.

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Enough is enough, a youth advocacy organization of victim-survivors of sexual abuse on campuses and gender justice advocates, called on the leadership of the Department of Education (DepEd) to campus predators accountable for their crimes against learners.

“The DepEd must act decisively if they wish to stamp out the menace of campus predators, rid their agency of disreputable personnel and protect the youth,” said Enough is enough lead convenor, Sophia Beatriz Reyes.

Enough is enough claimed that one of the campus predators identified in Bacoor National High School (BNHS) allegedly threatened an alumna after sharing posts about the issue on her social media platform.


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The group said that it will not “stand idly” as predators continue to threaten students.

“We shall not be cowed into submission,” the group said, noting that the victims-survivors need protection.

“We call on the DepEd to act on their most recent transgressions and keep the predators at bay in order to prevent further harm,” Reyes said.

Meanwhile, the group likewise reiterated their call to meet behind closed doors with Duterte to hear out their proposals for improving and making the DepEd’s Child Protection Policy “more accessible and victim-friendly.”

As 100 percent of face-to-face classes are set to resume in all schools starting in November, the group expressed fears that “prolonging corrective measures will further endanger students.”


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