WATCH: AC pieces together clues, correctly guesses ‘Hide and Sing’ mystery celebrity

AC Bonifacio correctly guesses the mystery celebrity in the Thursday edition of ‘Hide and Sing.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — Piecing together clues, and going against the picks of “It’s Showtime” co-hosts, dancer AC Bonifacio correctly guessed the mystery celebrity in the Thursday edition of the hit segment “Hide and Sing.”

As the guest contestant, Bonifacio was tasked to choose one among three veiled singers who she believes is the actual celebrity, based on two rounds of performances and a series of questions.

Aside from mentioning their age, the “TagoKanta” performers were asked to share when they first experienced using a professional recording studio, and whether they’ve ever released a single.

Bonifacio went for specifics, asking when their last single was released, if they have one. She also asked how long they have been in the industry, and what motivated them to enter showbiz.

The first TagoKanta’s answers appeared to ring a bell for Bonifacio, who pointed out they must be contemporaries based on the singer being age 21. The mystery performer also said her single was released only a month ago, and that she has been in showbiz “for more than I can remember.”

Despite the “It’s Showtime” mainstays having a different pick, Bonifacio stuck with her choice, saying the mention of the single’s release was enough to convince her.

Asked to name her guess, Bonifacio brought up “Init sa Magdamag” star Alexa Ilacad — who indeed was behind the mask as “TagoKanta No. 1.”

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