WATCH: Angela Ken’s ‘Ako Naman Muna’ is finished, and is finally here

Angela Ken originally released ‘Ako Naman Muna’ as an unfinished composition in November 2020. Now with Star Music, the teen songwriter has come out with the full version of her viral hit. TikTok: @angelken / ABS-CBN Star Music

MANILA — Angela Ken, the TikTok star who inspired with her songwriting, has finally released the full version of her viral tune about self-love, “Ako Naman Muna.”

Ken originally released “Ako Naman Muna” as a snippet consisting of only a first verse and the chorus on TikTok in November 2020. At the time, she even called on her followers to help her decide on the title.

The post drew some 1.3 million likes on the platform, and a flood of requests for Ken to finish the song.

Having finally completed the track, Ken has teamed up with ABS-CBN’s Star Music to release “Ako Naman Muna,” with a lyric video accompanying the full version on Friday.

The original message about self-affirmation remains, and now also includes an urging to acknowledge challenges, and to move forward with the help of loved ones.

Ken, 18, who hails from Imus, Cavite, inked a contract with Star Music earlier this week as she joined the roster of Star Magic, the talent agency of ABS-CBN.

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