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WATCH: Beauty Gonzalez shares husband’s reaction to her viral photo

MANILA, Philippines — Beauty Gonzalez was amused when she was asked about her reaction to her viral "sexy flower" Instagram post. She also revealed that it had the go signal from her husband, art curator Norman Crisologo.

She confessed that it was her idea to come up with her photo in a hot pink two-piece holding a bunch of flowers beside her head and over her private area.

"It was my idea. I was like, 'What am I gonna do with these flowers? Okay, I'll put a flower here (gestures towards her head) and a flower there (referring to her nether region).' I don't know. Natawa ako doon," Beauty said to the press at last week's launch.

The actress is launched as the first celebrity endorser of beauty brand Hey Pretty Skin.

She recalled the funny conversation she had with her husband when it went viral.

"Well, sabi ko, 'Baby, my flower went viral.'"

"Sabi niya, 'What do you mean? What flower are you talking about?' Sabi ko, 'Not my flower, flower, hello! I'm talking about the flower photo!'" Beauty said.

It was her husband's turn to laugh about their funny miscommunication, adding that Norman even quipped about her post.

The actress went on to give praise to her husband and to express how lucky she is to be married to him.

"My husband is very funny at the same time hindi naman siya 'yung tipo ng lalake na seryoso. He's very open and kind. Actually he was the one who insisted me to post that photo 'cause he really likes it.

"Ako nahiya ako mag-post ng sexy photos pero 'pag sinabi na ng asawa ko mag-post, siyempre, post naman ako kasi mas naniniwala naman ako sa kanya," the actress said.

She revealed that Norman actually encourages her to post sexy photos while she still can. She said he's fond of pictorials, saying that he always wants to capture "beautiful moments" in life.

"It's the greatest gift a husband can give you — to get a photo of you at your most beautiful moment in your life. So when I'm 50, I could look back at it. Wala pa akong nahanap na lalake na ganon so sobrang thankful po ako sa kanya," Beauty said.

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