Watch King Charles be officially proclaimed as Britain’s new monarch

King Charles will be officially proclaimed Britain's new monarch at a meeting of the Accession Council at St James's Palace today. Watch the ceremony here starting at 5 a.m. ET.

New sovereign to be proclaimed formally at St. James's Palace in London by the Accession Council

Charles formally proclaimed King in a ceremony at St. James’s Palace in London.

King Charles III will officially be proclaimed as Britain's new monarch on Saturday in a ceremony followed by gun salutes and the reading of proclamations in London and across the four corners of the United Kingdom.

Watch the ceremony live by clicking the video above beginning at 5 a.m. ET.

The death of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth on Thursday after 70 years on the throne set in motion long-established and highly choreographed plans for days of mourning and a state funeral that will be held in just over a week.

The death of Elizabeth, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, has drawn an outpouring of tributes from at home and around the globe.

Ralph Goodale to attend

Charles, 73, succeeded his mother immediately on Thursday but an Accession Council made up of hundreds of politicians, bishops and senior civil servants will proclaim his succession on Saturday at a ceremony with officials in traditional heraldic clothing.

The ceremony takes place at the historic St. James's Palace just down the road from Buckingham Palace.

"We meet before King Charles comes, decide he's going to be the new monarch, and then he will come in and we proclaim him," lawmaker Harriet Harman, a member of the council, told the BBC.

Charles will be accompanied at the ceremony by his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, and his eldest son Prince William. William is now heir to the throne and known by the title Charles long held, Prince of Wales.

London's Lord Mayor and aldermen also are invited, along with high commissioners from realms within the Commonwealth. High Commissioner for Canada Ralph Goodale will attend.

The proclamation will be accompanied by gun salutes and heralds who travel to Mansion House in the City of London where it will be read at the Royal Exchange.

The proclamation will be read publicly in the other capital cities of the United Kingdom — Edinburgh in Scotland, Belfast in Northern Ireland, and Cardiff in Wales — and at other locations, too.

A ceremony to proclaim the King as Canada's new sovereign will take place at 10 a.m. at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

Although he is already king, Charles's coronation will take place at a later date — and the timing for that is not yet clear. There was a 16-month gap between Elizabeth becoming queen in 1952 and her coronation in 1953.

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