WATCH: Tom Rodriguez’s wedding proposal to Carla Abellana

Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana hug each other after the latter said yes to the actor’s wedding proposal. YouTube: Carla Abellana

MANILA — Newly engaged couple Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana have shared a video of the actor’s wedding proposal in the presence of their family.

The special moment was capture by Nice Print Photography, which released a highlights reel that showed the setup, the reaction of Abellana’s mother, and the actress saying yes.

The same video was included in Abellana’s vlog where the celebrity couple recalled the proposal, which took place in October 2020.

Rodriguez said he sought the help of Abellana’s mother in setting up what the actress was made to believe was a simple family dinner.

Rodriguez’s family members, who are based in the US, joined the occasion via video call.

Recalling the moment Rodriguez knelt and popped the question, Abellana said: “While proposing, wala akong naintindihan sa sinabi niya. I really didn’t understand anything. My sister once said na parang magi-space out ka. Wala kang maririnig, parang ganu’n. Totoo pala ‘yun.”

Rodriguez, 33, and Abellana, 34, have been together for six years.

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