What listeners need to know about Psalms David

What listeners need to know about Psalms David

His stint in The Clash Season 1 proved that Psalms David had that singing passion in him. Last year, his debut single titled Di Na Magtatagal showcased his vulnerable side. This year, Psalms’ sophomore song, I Need To Know, captures his growth as a Kapuso performer with renewed confidence and passion.

“I can say that I have improved a lot,” said Psalms of his singing and vocal development for the past three years in a recent virtual media call. “You know I’m proud of myself getting here and I know there’s more I can learn. I think my voice expanded a lot. It got higher and lower at the same time. So my voice widens. I’m now comfortable to sing the songs that I (considered difficult) to do before. I’ve grown a lot and I’ve worked hard to get where I am right now.”

The tunes that the then Clasher found challenging to sing were those of Gary Valenciano and Bruno Mars. If ever he performs any of these artists’ signature songs now, Psalms can deliver a rendition close to the original version.

“Like with Bruno Mars’, I would sing them in a lower key,” he recalled, “now I can do them in their original keys.” The GMA Music talent attributed this change in him to the workshops given by GMA with coach Zebedee Zuñiga.

“He helped me hone my voice into something I wanted to have, like I dreamed to have,” said Psalms. “I’m very grateful to him. He gave me tools and ways on how I will sing this song (or that song) effectively and safely, ‘yun yung pinaka-important (that’s what matters most). Because of those workshops, if I’m not mistaken and if my memory serves me right, never na akong napaos (I’ve never had a hoarse voice) because I’m using the right technique and I’m happy that I know for myself that I’m singing healthy (and properly).”

That’s why when I Need To Know, a Christian Bautista composition, landed in his lap, Psalms was ready to take on it.

“The song (was) actually not planned,” shared the 20-year-old singer. “Parang binigay lang talaga ni sir Christian (he just gave it to me) and I’m really happy that I was able to (record) it the way he wanted it, the way he wanted me to sing it.”

Psalms said that the latest ditty is different from a heartbreak, ballad song Di Na Magtatagal. I Need To Know is also characterized by a futuristic sound. Christian made sure that the song is relatable to the Gen Z. “The message is more of decision making and confusion about a love that is about to start,” he said. “(It is about) a different side of love, according to sir Christian. He wanted to explore a different kind of love life. This is the courting stage where you’re getting to know someone. The twist is you have other competitors. (There’s a line) from the song that goes ‘Will it be me or him?’ (The male voice) is asking the girl. It’s really different.”

Psalms will sing I Need To Know and share the All-Out Sundays center stage with Christian, the former’s mentor and one of The Clash judges, on April 25. It’s going to be a reunion of sorts between the singer and the songwriter.

The undeniable growth in Psalms has also been witnessed by those who have been watching his livestream performances. These have strengthened his vocal muscles to test the resilience of his voice.

“I think that’s one thing that has (also) helped me in a big way,” he said, “me singing every day, continuously. There were times when I had no break. I was just singing every day. That helped my voice to, you know, adapt to it, to the pressure of singing every day and helped my voice to be comfortable in singing that frequently.”

After scoring another single, is coming up with a Psalms David album in the pipeline?

“Anything goes,” he answered. “I think somehow it’s really up to me because I can be the one to write the songs that can be put in an album. I’m really looking forward to working on my songwriting and composing skills. I’m investing a lot in (acquiring) equipment that I can use.”

Aside from writing songs, Psalms also sees himself producing them and is passionate about all these music-related creative processes.

“I can’t wait to get into it and to be able to share with everyone what I’ll be working on,” he said. “I’m really excited about what the future has in store for us, especially for me. I believe in every season of your life, you can incorporate it in different genres (of the songs that you would like to produce). I’m excited about how I will get into it and put my creativity into it.”

Away from the klieg lights, Psalms is a second year Secondary Education student majoring in English.

(Give I Need To Know a listen on GMA Music’s official YouTube channel, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and other digital streaming platforms worldwide.)

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