What ‘never dieting forever’ can unlock

She got me at “never.”

The wondrous possibility that I, a sucker for fad diets and my perennial talent for yoyoing with my weight, was a moth to the flame at the book launch of the much admired internationally licensed Yoga and Meditation teacher Clara Day Hererra. Titled How to Never Diet Forever, isn't it a best-seller waiting to happen?

She describes her new book How to Never Diet Forever as ‘a blueprint on a wholehearted and holistic approach to life.’

She describes her new book How to Never Diet Forever as ‘a blueprint on a wholehearted and holistic approach to life.’

But much as I wanted this serene Filipina beauty to magically wave a wand or give me a potion that would give me the shape and metabolism of my dreams was upfront when discussing the book. She made clear that the key to never having to go on a diet again is to embrace discipline. Something we all wish we could buy at the store, precisely because it's a prerequisite that is so difficult to develop and sustain.

Thankfully, according to Clara, these very feelings of hopelessness, frustration and the “can't do” attitude are what her book aims to address.

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“The solution to all these is self-love,” assured the former flight attendant who found herself at her lowest point not too long ago.

A single mother who was always away from her baby, she was yearning for the happy and steady family life she would see among her friends.

“That's when I asked Google what can I do to find happiness too?” she chuckled at her childlike self back then. “The answer was to love myself first, and that's when I discovered one of the most actionable ways to practice self-love is through yoga.”

Internationally-licensed yoga and meditation teacher Clara Day Hererra.

Internationally-licensed yoga and meditation teacher Clara Day Hererra.

From doing five-minute stints daily with the help of videos online, Clara Day started to feel better and look better and feel deeply in love with the practice that combines gentle exercise and meditation.

Her outlook renewed and her body recharged, Herrera started to take charge of her life and quit a 15-year career living out of her suitcase. She flew to India to formally study yoga and mediation and returned to the Philippines with a mission to share her new way of living with as many who could benefit from it.

From teaching exclusive sessions, Herrera took to social media to reach more people and some three years ago realized a book will also further her advocacy.

So more than just a book about health and weight control, expect to discover more from How to Never Diet Forever.

“The book is based on Ayurvedic and yogic principles combined with modern discoveries,” its author more specifically reveals. “Think of it as an inspiring blueprint on a wholehearted and holistic approach to life, for us to achieve contentment, peace, and happiness.” A collection of easy-to-read tips and techniques in Ayurveda — her aromatherapy requirements all come from kitchen staples — Clara Day Herrera guarantees that in trying her way of life, that elusive discipline will not be far behind in the making, nor will ultimately achieving health, beauty, longevity and success.

Now that's where never dieting forever will get you. The book is now available on claradayh.com/shop.

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