What nose job? ‘Nothing wrong,’ says Alexa Ilacad, but denies undergoing procedure

MANILA — Actress Alexa Ilacad denied on Tuesday undergoing a cosmetic procedure, in response to comments on her recent selfie where she appears to have a scar on her nose.

Through Instagram Stories, the “Init sa Magdamag” actress addressed direct messages she had received, pertaining to her supposed nose job.

“Some of you are so funny! Sending me rude DMs [because] you think I had nose job [because] of this ‘scar’ on my nose. You guys have to chill out!” she wrote, with laughing emojis.

“First of all, my cat just scratched my nose,” she said, referring to the small wound seen on her nasal bridge.

Instagram: @alexailacad

“I look pissed here [because] I was. I just wanted some love but my cat said, ‘Nope,’” she said.

While she belied allegations she underwent the procedure, Ilacad added, “There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery if a person wanted to.”

Cosmetic procedures have become a more openly discussed topic among celebrities in recent years, with the likes of Vice Ganda, Angeline Quinto, and Janine Berdin candidly sharing their own physical changes.

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