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When to stop using social media as a sounding board

IS Pokwang bitter about what befell her six-year relationship with Lee O'Brian, father of her beautiful daughter Malia? My apologies to the comedienne but this writer has every reason to believe so.

Comedienne Pokwang has been vocal on social media about her ex-partner’s shortcomings. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/ITSPOKWANG27

It's been a year and a half since Pokwang and Lee broke up. Their falling out was kept hush-hush from the public. The only telling sign that they got separated was when the comedienne renamed her bottled food business, dropping Lee's name.

Despite cajoling that she step forward to clarify the issue, Pokwang wouldn't spill the beans. All she shared with the public was that she had to put an end to their relationship.

Pokwang even brushed aside speculations that Lee was the parasite-type of a partner who largely depended on her. On the contrary, Pokwang stressed, Lee was a responsible partner even describing him as “napakabait.”

The public took her word for it, not knowing that Pokwang was actually lying through her teeth. It took a social media post by Pokwang to finally give the public a hint about the kind of partner Lee was.

Pokwang welcomed the start of 2023 by announcing she was back to being single and was ready to get into another relationship.

The operative line in her post carried an important non-negotiable: “Bawal ang mangga!” In short, her “come-and-get-me” invitation was off limits to “manggagamit” or users.

Apparently, Pokwang had no one else in mind but Lee who fits the mold to a T.

It was from there where Pokwang had begun to open a can of worms, particularly about the kind of lover that Lee was.

She disclosed that Lee had actually never wanted her to get pregnant. But Pokwang proceeded with her pregnancy, Malia was born. It may be said that Pokwang was not smart enough to discern that raising a child by Lee would result in problems bigger than she could ever imagine.

True enough, Pokwang was the one who spent on her pre-natal consultations and provided for Malia's needs when born.

Pokwang then accused Lee of shirking on his paternal duties.

While Lee could be faulted for his lack of responsibility, Pokwang could not discount the fact that she had seen all this coming.

If so, why did she still choose to live with Lee? Didn't all her attempts to even seek a dialogue with Lee prove futile? Was it not enough reason to decide on a separation at an earlier time?

As far as Pokwang was concerned, she was hoping Lee would change. Too bad, it never came.

More determined to get even, Pokwang has been using the social media as her sounding board. She's earnestly making an appeal to employers out there — specifically TV and film producers — never to engage the acting services of Lee.

Pokwang reasons out: “Gagastusin lang niya 'yung kinikita niya sa babae niya (He will just spend his earnings on his girlfriend).”

By the way, Lee's having a newfound love makes Pokwang see red even more. Add to the fact that Pokwang found out that Lee was telling his girlfriend how bad the comedienne is.

In retaliation, Pokwang called them “idiots.”

The latest angle to this Pokwang's never-ending anti-Lee stance is that she would only be able to achieve peace of mind if Lee left and returned to the States. At the same time, Pokwang is pulling off a move to change Malia's name to Subong, hence her recent meet-up with a public interest lawyer.

Little is known about Lee's status of stay in the country. But if has been on Philippine soil since Malia was born four years ago, I would surmise that his stay is without any legal impediment.

And barring all legal hitches, then Lee can work here. Or be an actor here except that his lingual handicap might work to his disadvantage.

The least that Pokwang can make happen, using all her might, is to address her appeal to her home network. For sure, GMA would budge out of its loyalty to her. But would other TV stations do the same?

That being said, it's probably best for Pokwang to take a much-needed social media break. The more she speaks ill of Lee, the more the public is convinced that it's not forgiveness that is tethered to her heart but bitterness.

* * *

GUESS WHO? An actor-turned-producer (ATP) has finally realized his dream of getting his favorite actress (FA) of all time star in a movie.

The ATP readily issued a cheque as downpayment, the sum of which was way too hefty that the FA could resist.

In the middle of the shoot, the ATP paid the balance in full as he was excited to see the finished product. However, shoot schedules were either delayed or cancelled causing the ATP huge losses.

And it was all because of the FA who never ran out of excuses, mostly flimsy.

The ATP is facing a hard time in recouping what he lost in the production worsened by the fact that the FA wouldn't continue finishing the film unless she got paid extra.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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