Who’s who: Eco warriors in our midst

illac Diaz

Despite the lessening of carbon footprint due to a halt of many activities during the pandemic, the climate crisis continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate.

Wildfires break left and right in different parts of the globe. Stronger typhoons wreak havoc on the regions they pass through. Ice caps continue to melt, showing how the Earth is warming up at an alarming rate.

More people, as a result, are going out of their way to push for saving the environment.

Ana Oposa.

Anna Oposa did not earn the title Chief Mermaid for nothing. She is the co-founder of Save Philippine Seas, an organization that champions marine conservation in the country.

She is responsible for various initiatives that spread awareness on environmental issues — Shark Shelter Project on Malapascua Island, Sea and Earth Advocates Camp and Earthducation.

Former commercial model Illac Diaz is more than just a pretty face as he promotes advocacies that give people a ray of light.

He is one of the people behind the famous Liter of Light, a non-profit organization that has shared his environmentally-friendly lighting concept to 382,000 Filipinos and 690,000 people around the world.

KRIE Reyes believes in the people, planet and profit principle. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF YOUTUBE/MICROSOFT APAC

Krie Reyes-Lopez believes in three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. This mantra led her to create Messy Bessy, a brand that offers home and personal care products that have natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

Krie also made sure to bring in impoverished people, at-risk youths and other people and provide a safe haven for them to flourish. Thus, the birth of HOUSE – Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprises.

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