Why diversity matters in the workplace

Companies should promote a women-friendly environment in the office. (Photographs courtesy of 3M and Unsplash/Campaign Creators)

Women in the workplace have brought numerous new practices that make everyone’s jobs easier.

This was confirmed by a 2019 McKinsey study titled “Diversity wins: How inclusion matters,” which states that female leaders have the capacity to increase company profits and share performances by as much as 50 percent.

Another report from Development Dimensions International’s Global Leadership Forecast 2020 states that companies with diverse employees are eight times more likely to be in the top 10 percent of financial performers.

In the local setting, a 10-percent increase of women inclusion in an organization equals to a two percent increase in Return of Assets, as stated in a study conducted by the International Finance Corporation titled “Board Gender Diversity in ASEAN.”

The Philippines holds the highest percentage of women in senior management roles at 32.8 percent.

Success in diversity

Despite having the highest figures of women leadership and seniority among other countries, there is still a long way to go to achieve total gender equality in the companies.

Asia People Relations Leader for 3M Rozl Bautista, who has held various HR leadership positions, advises readers on how to properly practice this notion.

According to her, diversity benefits both customers and employees. When diverse employees meet and address the needs of diverse customers, it often leads to apt solutions for both employee and customer benefits.

In a formal workplace that practices informal company culture, everyone will feel engaged, supported and welcomed, increasing employee loyalty.

Also included is the factor of different generations. The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey states, “Fifty-eight percent of millennials from diverse organizations agreed that their companies were good at attracting and retaining talent, compared to 41 percent who said the same from non-diverse organizations.”

Asia People Relations Leader for 3M Rozl Bautista (above) says that diversity in the workplace contributes to successful dealings with customers and promotes positivity among employees.

What should be done

Rozl urges corporations to step up their practices by promoting a women-friendly environment, one where their skills, participation and importance will not be overshadowed or set aside.

She advises companies the following practices:

Kickstart initiatives that directly champion female leadership. Through this, they will be able to develop skills women possess which contribute to the acceleration of women in the playing field.

Redesign the recruitment and interview processes to ensure a fair playing field for all. In that way, no employee — both men and women — will ever have to feel more inferior.

Introduce employee training to address unconscious biases. This enables an employee to “identify and understand potential biases and the tools to change them.”


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