Why this butter is better

Rich-flavored Échiré butter.

Is there a particular food or ingredient that both Filipinos and the French love to bits?

Frenchman Julien Marie and his Filipina partner Raizza Encinas saw a common denominator by way of butter. Their online delicatessen Bow Tie Duck Manila carries the butter brand Échiré, which is known worldwide for its luxurious quality.

Said to be “the world’s most exclusive and expensive butter that shares the same appellation status as that of champagne,” Échiré is described on bowtieduck.com as having a delicate, creamy and distinct flavor — a recipe that has stayed true to its roots since 1894, made at the same independent dairy near the cities of Poitiers and La Rochelle in Western France.

Raizza told Daily Tribune that Filipinos took to the brand after learning what makes Échiré different from other butter brands — how the cows that produce the milk used in Échiré are raised and fed with the same grass under the same climate conditions.

Dom Petroff caviar.

Échiré contains 82 percent butterfat. Any butter brand with less than 80 percent butter fat is called a spread — not butter.

Bow Tie Duck Manila has expanded its offerings to include oysters, Beillevaire cheese and butter, seasonal fruits and a newly launched brand of caviar, Dom Petroff.

Julien and Raizza said they taste everything before putting the items into their store’s product line.

“I think something that works is how complementary our palates are,” said Julien. “I’m the maarte one, and Raizza knows more of the local market, so it’s a perfect combination. If we both love it, it usually works. When only one of us likes it, it works less.”

Bow Tie Duck Manila founders Julien Marie and Raizza Enciso have complementary palates. / Photographs courtesy of Bow Tie Duck Manila

The partners believe that Filipinos who patronize their products comprise an enlightened market.

“They know the care we put in everything we do.

There is a match between our products and our customers, and we are really grateful for that,” said Raizza.

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