Work from paradise

OASIS-LIKE pool is HUE Boracay’s centerpiece.

In the tedium of work-to-office or work-from-home routines, the idea of doing so in an exquisite island seems far-fetched. HUE Hotels and Resorts pulls you to your ideal work vacation with its all-in-one accommodation at the heart of Station 2, Boracay Island.

Well-curated hotel

Understanding the high demand for remote working, HUE provides guests with ample space for work. For instance, its deluxe room has a working nook near the

floor-to-ceiling window, allowing work with a view.

Since the 127 rooms are built like Rome’s Colosseum, every guest can peek through the inspiring oasis-like pool at the hotel’s center.

HUE Hotels Boracay’s 127 rooms follow a Colosseum-like architecture.

Certainly, just looking at the pool won’t suffice. If you want to work near the pool, cozy small beds are dotted around it. Consider it as your work throne where you can hear the relaxing water splashes while you ponder on the next sentence.

And look no further for your work breaks because HUE cradles Boracay’s best food spots. Within walking distance from each other, choose from Little Wave coffee-specialty shop, Nonie’s, Little Taj, Coco Mama and the hotel’s flagship restaurant, La-ud.

Lastly, to celebrate small wins or just to break the ice, grab some evening drinks from Prisma.

How much?

HUE’s offerings definitely look good but they look even better because you can have these pieces of heaven at an affordable price.

“We Got Hue” room package is priced at P10,600. This includes an RT-PCR test, three days and two nights’ stay in deluxe room and breakfast for two.

Currently, HUE also offers an “Alternative Abode” packages. Option A allows two guests to stay in deluxe room for only P15,000 and P25,000 for a suite in seven days. Meanwhile, for those who plan to stay for a month, it’s P55,000 for a deluxe room and P85,000 for suite accommodations.

PRISMA Bar to celebrate your work-from-home paradise victories. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF HUE HOTEL AND RESORTS BORACAY

Inclusive of this package is 15-percent

discount at La-ud, 10-percent off at Station X, Nonine’s and Prisma.

The “Alternative Abode” package option B offers free RT-PCR testing for two for P25,000 in a deluxe room and P35,000 for a suite. Monthly rates are priced at P85,000 and P115,000 for deluxe room and suite, respectively.

This option includes complimentary breakfast and roundtrip boat and land transfers.

Optimal safety

More than its holistic amenities, HUE boasts of stringent health protocols.

In partnership with Lysol, HUE eases guests’ virus-related concerns.

Named “safe haven” protocols, the Lysol team trained the hotel’s staff with the proper use of disinfecting products. The hotel also utilizes UV technology to keep every room safe for all guests.

Hue hotels and resorts Boracay is definitely a haven that every traveler has to experience. If you want to experience it yourself, reserve a room at [email protected] or

It’s your time to work and play in paradise.

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