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World Chocolate Day: More people would give up social media before chocolate – survey

MANILA, Philippines — Mondelez International, a leading snacks company known for its iconic brands such as Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and Toblerone, Tang, Eden Cheese, and Cheez Whiz announced the release of its insights about the global love for chocolate in time for the celebration of World Chocolate Day.

The findings are part of the fifth annual State of Snackingreport and the company’s ongoing commitment to understanding consumer preferences and delivering the best snacking experiences while maintaining its mindful snacking approach.

The universal connection to chocolate

In celebration of World Chocolate Day this July, Mondelez International reports that an overwhelming 82% of global consumers believe that “chocolate is good for the soul.”

This sentiment underscores the bond that people have with chocolate, transcending generations and regions across the globe.

Additionally, 73% of consumers feel that chocolate has the sweet power to “…turn an ordinary moment into something extraordinary,” highlighting its role in making every day experiences extra special and enjoyable for everyone.

Chocolate: An essential source of joy

As the world celebrates this beloved snack, it’s also worth noting that 72% of global consumers fear that a “…world without chocolate would be a world without joy.”

This feeling, reported as consistent across various geographic locations, underlines the universal appeal of chocolates as a source of happiness, comfort, and satisfaction.

Chocolate vs social media: A surprising choice

In a testament to chocolate’s cherished status, 57% of those surveyed indicated that they would rather give up social media for a month rather than go through a month without chocolate.

This preference emphasizes the unique and irreplaceable delight that chocolate provides, making it a treat that is loved around the world.

The all-around benefits of chocolate

As part of the State of Snacking report, consumers also stated other various reasons for their love and fondness of chocolate:

  • 73% agree that “savoring chocolate is like taking a mini vacation for your senses.”
  • 68% say, “the thought of chocolate brightens my day, every day.”
  • 60% believe that “breaking a chocolate bar isn’t just about the snack; it’s about breaking barriers and creating bonds with others.”

These insights demonstrate that chocolate is more than just a treat; it’s a source of comfort, joy, and social connection that brings people together.

Chocolate consumption trends

The survey also highlighted chocolate consumption habits:

  • 81% of global consumers eat chocolate at least monthly.
  • 56% enjoy consuming chocolate at least weekly.

Mondelez International's commitment to snacking excellence

As part of its dedication to leading the future of snacking, Mondelez International continues to invest in understanding consumer trends and preferences.

The company's annual State of Snacking report, in collaboration with The Harris Poll, provides valuable insights into the evolving snacking landscape.

The company also promotes Mindful Snacking, an advocacy that encourages eating with attention and intention, to avoid overindulgence and have a more fulfilling snacking experience.

Locally this advocacy is called “Snack na Swak,” which highlights the Company’s purpose of empowering people to snack right.

To learn more about the State of Snacking, the report is published and available at Mondelez International’s website: www.mondelezinternational.com/stateofsnacking.

Editor’s Note: This press release is sponsored by Mondelez International. It is published by the Advertising Content Team that is independent from our Editorial Newsroom.

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